The Soulbathing Of A Sorceress Drawing By Lucas Leoni

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Artist Lucas Leoni. 'The Soulbathing Of A Sorceress' Artwork Image, Created in 2020, Original Drawing Pencil. #art #artist
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Lucas Leoni


The Soulbathing Of A Sorceress

Size - (USA):
11 W x 14 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
27.9 W x 35.6 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

The Human Sorceress Adelaida rose her arms in the air, the fabric of reality crackled as she intoned ancient names. The skies over the desert plains of Kurmardon alighted with yellow lightning, the winds rose to a spectacular prominence. The band of fire mages surrounding her were caught off guard with such show of power.“Release them now ” She blared into the howling wind of the magical desert storm she had released and kept churning behind her.“They will be brought before the Empress and nothing else ” That very second, a roaring lightning stroke not a foot away from the officer who’d just said that. The others backed away and quickly untied the three elves that they held captive. Adelaida didn’t even blink, her storm becoming more ominous by the second. The sky darkened and the temperature even lowered as the storm covered the entire sky. The three elves ran towards her, happy that their lover had come to their rescue. As they were safe behind her, she warned the others not to come back. The small band left in a hurry, probably afraid the Sorceress would change her mind. Once away she turned and dispelled the storm.“What were you all thinking ” She was mad at her three males. Lission gave her a fresh smile, “Love we had to act, there was no other way.” She glared at him with burning eyes.“But you still didn’t recovered the gem and you almost got your mind wiped ” Caranor, the more sensible of the three spoke now.“Adi he’s right, we might have been a little brash, but we were so close to the gem if it weren’t for those fire mages.” The human female was burning at her top.“You have to be more careful. This time I got your message, but this can’t happen again.” Aradyr nodded agreeing with her and got right behind her. His arms went around her and he made an apologetic warble. She was breathing hard, but didn’t reject his apology.“Thanks for saving our assess. We should be more careful.” As he said this he looked at the others, they two expressed regret the right way. She gave Aradyr a smirky smile still mad at them but unable to deny that Aradyr had an amazing ability of changing her attitude and most of the time bringing order between them four. This is them apologizing to her again and again. I am selling high quality printed copies
Artwork Keywords:   Threesome, Sex, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Intimate, Erotic, Original Drawing
Materials:   Pencil Drawings

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