Still Life With A Jar Mixed Media By Federico Winqvist Estrada

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Artist Federico Winqvist Estrada. 'Still Life With A Jar' Artwork Image, Created in 2010, Original Mixed Media. #art #artist
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Federico Winqvist Estrada


Still Life With A Jar



Size - (USA):
90 W x 100 H x 5 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
35.4 W x 39.4 H x 2.0 D (inches)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   The hybrid print mixed-media technic used in this artwork is a combination of both laser print and original work. The original piece is first photographed then digitized in Photoshop. Afterwards the work is printed (the buyer can at this phase of the process choose the size of the artwork). Finally the artwork is painted again with several layers of acrylics and structure paste. The whole process is done by the artist. No artwork will ever be exactly alike the other. Still they will maintain a similarity with the original piece. I developed this technic because of several reasons. The main reason was when I discovered that my work was being copied and put to sale in the internet. I could not stop this from happening so I decided to take control of the situation by using the same print technic that these criminals were using. I resolve to improve the print by adding mixed-media technics and making every piece a little different from each other and in this case each painting will have a story of its own. There is absolutely no ambition what so ever in creating mass production. The second reason is that the artwork becomes more democratic in a sense because it turns out to be more affordable for the majority of the buyers. Third and last reason, in some cases that several buyers are interested in the same piece there is a possibility of satisfying their interest by creating similar artworks with the same high quality and even changing the format so that the piece of art can adapt better to the planned environment. The indicated price can vary depending on the artwork's size. For every 10 cm increase of the canvas size add 100 dollars.

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