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Malchand Pareek  'Concrete Jungle', created in 2013, Original Mixed Media.
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Malchand Pareek


Concrete Jungle

Size - (USA):
36 W x 48 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
91.4 W x 121.9 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

Artist Statement There have been various reasons behind my feelings and expression in my paintings and one of those reasons is my roots, which belong to B¬ikaner, Rajasthan where I was born and brought up. But eventually, my education brought me to Jaipur where I successfully completed my MFA from Rajasthan School of Arts in the year 2009. I have been surrounded by paintings from very beginning and I feel fortunate to follow my dreams to pursue painting as my profession. Besides being an artist, I also developed fondness for travel and travelled across India. During my itineraries, I often come across over crowded Metropolitan cities that made me feel disgusted. But I felt even more worse for small cities for following metros blindly at the cost of losing their originality. Even people are in the process to go far off from society and its culture and values. I have started missing those good old values. I am surrounded by people with big aims but I wonder if they acknowledge their social responsibilities. Analyzing all the above problems has somehow motivated me to paint a series of paintings where I could highlight the thought process deep inside me. I named it as ‘Concrete jungle’, which is full of paintings from metros. These metros appear as concrete jungle to me all the time. When I was painting them, I struggled with those weak moments in which I desire to go back to olden days when human beings were still forming a civilization and societal norms. But the bitter truth is that we have managed to adopt a contemporary lifestyle, which has brought numerous complications for us. I want to share that I always end up dreaming about dense jungles, green trees with those flexible branches, chirping birds and crystal clear waterfalls. I guess, it’s hard to believe that if they actually exist because mankind has managed to destroy them. In practical aspects, it is impossible to imagine those jungles because the first image would be of tall buildings, electric polls and hordings in our minds. It is a pity that they have taken place of beautiful sceneries and noisy vehicle horns have replaced those birdy sounds around. I have to point out these problems on my canvas, urging people to not only notice but suggest solutions. It is not even funny, if I sound opinionated but I feel that the situation has reached to its extreme level. With my above expressions, I don’t want to sound anything against being progressive. But I strongly believe that it is inhuman, if we damage society on the account of being progressive. Apart from environmental destructions, I could reach to a conclusion from my observation that it has become difficult to protect our souls and survive as humans. All of these thought process makes me devastated and I find myself in the middle of concrete jungle with my eyes wandering around to find those pretty birds, blue sky and green grass. I often smile on my thought that ‘being simple is so complicated’ and thus I end up gazing people around who are unaware of those small pleasures of life when one could enjoy those extinct pretty surroundings. With my series, I really want to spread a message that it is still not too late. We still can overcome environmental problems like air pollution, global warming, climate change and rapid increase in the population. I will not say that I am the only one who is thoughtful, as few experts conduct conferences and seminars, which are full of discussions but lack of solutions and efforts. In the end, I would like to say to the people that stop looking over other alternatives like Moon and Mars and let’s pledge fruitful efforts towards above problems. If this is resolved, we can manage to bring ‘spring season’ back and create some space for flowers to blossom. Malchand pareek
Keywords:   Original Mixed Media, Conceptual Mixed Media
Materials:   Mixed Media

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