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Yosef Reznikov  'Outcome', created in 2018, Original Painting Other.
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Yosef Reznikov



Size - (USA):
70 W x 70 H x 3 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
27.6 W x 27.6 H x 1.2 D (inches)
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Artwork Description:

Abstraction – is music frozen in paint. To talk about the picture, we must first define what we see on it. And here for the critic and for anyone considering an abstract painting, there is the first difficulty: we can not tell what is depicted in the picture, all too abstract. Well, if the maze of lines and shapes possible to see the outline of an object, or figure, or at least a hint of something concrete. But the true abstraction just is, that it was impossible to find a specific object, from which the artist abstracted. There are paintings with elements of abstraction are partially or semi-abstract, there are domain-abstract, when a set of geometric shapes spots and suddenly there is an image of some creature, and are fully abstract paintings in which there is nothing like the reality. How can we say about the painting What can be, for example, to say about this picture If you can not decide what we see in the most abstract compositions, it is necessary to proceed to the second step: to try to associate with the picture of any thoughts, associations that come to mind. It is quite difficult to grasp the picture, here already it is necessary to go through a certain threshold, it is necessary to have to include the head and ask yourself questions such as: what is it like After all, if there is no object, what could be the thought You can, of course, quick to give up and say to yourself, well, it’s not a painting, a kind of decoration. .. But how great Kandinsky How did all these great abstract artists, which we know from the history of painting, and that became great due to the fact that the written unrecognizable picture This area has long been formed, and more and more artists are finding in these paintings a special spiritual world. Abstract painting – this is primarily an exercise for the mind, exercise for the imagination. Believe me, there is always something that resembles a painting, whatever it was abstract. It really is, and the more you look at the picture, the more convinced of this. But that is not all. Now you have to ask what gives me a sense of the picture This is also an interesting question, because, at first glance, there may be some feelings, if not the object What are the feelings of the abstract concepts of “music”, “Jazz”, “rhythm” But that’s the important thing is exercise – we must learn to be inspired by the picture itself, regardless of some items, regardless of some concepts. The power of abstract painting is that it kindles emotions as if out of nowhere, without perception of specific items, that is, the music, and without mental activity, like poetry, which can also be understood as a chorus of concepts. Emotions – this movement. Is there any movement in this picture Yes Diverse lyrical movement. Does the composition of the unity Yes. Amazingly, it has a unity. Look at the picture and see for yourself. And this can come into ecstasy. That is the meaning of the painting. Feels a sense of what others only thinking concepts and seeing only the objects do not suffe --Outcome--oil on canvas70x70cm.
Keywords:   Abstract Painting, Vasily Kandinsky, Original Painting, Mixed Media, Paintings To Order, Y, Original Mixed Media, Abstract Mixed Media
Materials:   Mixed Media

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