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Adams Hidden Words

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Jerry  Di Falco Adams Hidden Words 2003
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Jerry Di Falco


Adams Hidden Words



Size - (USA):
36 W x 48 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
91.4 W x 121.9 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   Anon. Collector, USA. Abstract Expressionsim + Poetry = Many Artists Shaking World Painting out of its COMA (Coercive Oppression of Modern Art). The Beats are alive and well, and as the witches chant: We are the Old Ones; We are the New Ones;, WE are the Same Ones, but Stronger than. . . Before, so do the artists shake painting alive again. Atlantis will emerge in 2012 and Adam and Eve will laugh again without msnd Hidden Words to punish themselves ... their children and their childrens children are reborn now. . . in this year. . . and we dance the dance of communion with the silent knowledge that is so loud like rock and roll... bread and wine... poetry and dance among the crippled children blossom like poppies in Oz. Yes, Walt Whitman was Adam, and he donated hios brain to science and it is true that a lab assistant deopped it onto a floor at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia and it (sacred organ of Saint Walter) shattered like jello: the ultimate joke of practical poetry. Its not nice to fool Mother Nature.

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