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Bridget Busutil, Knut Pani offering original Encaustic Paintings artworks.

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Bridget Busutil: 'Thoughts', 2002 Encaustic Painting, Landscape. Artist Description: encaustic on board:intricacies of branches unfolding as our thoughts...
, 2002
Landscape - Painting
30 x 40 inches (76.2 x 101.6 cm)
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Knut Pani: 'Flammarion ', 2002 Encaustic Painting, Abstract.
Abstract - Painting
150 x 190 cm (59.1 x 74.8 inches)
Knut Pani: 'Damocles', 2002 Encaustic Painting, Abstract.
, 2002
Abstract - Painting
140 x 180 cm (55.1 x 70.9 inches)
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Artists Describing Their Art:

Bridget Busutil - Bridget Busutil,google22976108fdd647b3.html Powered by View my page on Peacemaker Institute ARTIST STATEMENT. Art is a way of Life My life is about Art and reflects the multicultural diversity in which I was raised. I favour projects that mix Arts and multiculturalism and are interdisciplinary. I think that as an artist my world is not limited to an aesthetical dimension. Hopefully it goes beyond, through engaging a dialogue with the viewer that proposes discovery, criticism and reflection. Through my work I am offering the discovery of several worlds packed up in layers as in my encaustic, a sort of journey of self-discovery, as well as discovery of i?1/2the otheri?1/2 with the respect for cultural differences. The necessity is to succeed in viewing these differences as contributions to our own cultures and understand the wealth they have to offer. When I paint or teach students to draw a linei?1/2, I am aware of reaching out for a world without frontiers. Technically I wish to bridge the past to the present and show that there is a continuity in life experience that only artists are capable of showing. Keyword Optimizer ...

Knut Pani - Knut Pani nace en la ciudad de Mexico. Asiste al tealler de escultura de la Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes en San Miguel Allende, Mexico. Estudia la licenciatura en pintura e ilistracion en el Art Center College of Design, en Pasadena, Ca. E.U.A. Edita la revista Arquitectura/Mexico y trabaja con el Dr. Mathias Goeritz en su seccion de arte. Ha colaborado como director de arte en el museo Rufino Tamayo. Fundan el taller experimental de grafica El Pez Soluble, en Tequisquiapan, Qro.,Mexico, donde imparte clinicas de grabado y cursos de expresion grafica y experimentecion de materiales. Ha expuesto su obra en forma individual y colectiva en prestigiadas sedes del pais y el extranjero, haciendo posible que su obra forme parte de mas de 90 colecciones, publicas y privadas, al rededor del mundo. Fue ganador de la medalla Lorenzo el Magnifico, en la Bienal del Arte Contemporaneo 2001, en Florencia, Italia....