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Artist Luise Andersen. 'DUREE DE MA VIE   SPECIAL INFORMATION ' Artwork Image, Created in 2006, Original Fiber. #art #artist
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Luise Andersen



Size - (USA):
24 W x 18 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
61.0 W x 45.7 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   AVAILABLE THROUGH CAMAVER KUNSTHAUS INTERNATIONAL, ITALY--I JUST HAVE TO.. SHARE LATEST... Cannot keep GOOD NEWS to myself.. specially not, when it concerns my masterpieces.. DUREE DE MA VIE is one -More than 13000 (thousand) hits on my Dureee De Ma Vie on this page in September for this master piece tell me,this art piece is loved all over the globe. Mr. ' Marcello' Cazzaniga, the Art Director of CAMAVER KUNSTHAUS INTERNATIONAL, Lecco, Lombardie, Italy, discovered my works on absolutearts. com during his research for out- standing contemporary art for last year's Exhibition within the Ancient Palaces Edition Exhibition at the Historical Torre Viscontea Museum, in Lecco, Italy ..... I never forget the first e-mails he sent (which is in my guestbook entries) : 'I am interested in Your works'.. My creative carrier has turned another page since then. CAMAVER KUNSTHAUS INTERNATIONAL invited me to exhibit 3 of my works with a selected group of international chosen contemporary artists in Lecco, (turned out to be one..'Within Self'.. which I thank heavens, took with me, since mistakenly Fedex sent the others back to my house, after I had paid all expenses including the custom fees) Lombardie, Italy.. at the Ancient Viscontea Tower Museum.. see description under LA Mignon.. This year, I was again so privileged(I was told, it does not happen often), to be invited at a larger exhibition within same Ancient Palaces Edition- arranged by Camaver International, Italy-- This time under the sponsorship of the Municipality of city of Acquasparta, Umbria, Italy, in their historical 'CESI' Palace. Inauguration of this exhibit was on 3rd of June 2006.................................................... My painting DUREE DE MA Vie was chosen as 'icon' for this special exhibition- meaning: Posters, Publications, plus.. CAMAVER KUNSTHAUS GALLERY honored my works additionally in naming me 'ARTIST OF THE MOMENT' on their European website... specially arranged in two languages,Italian / English. See: www. camaver. eu Plus:TheHonorable Major Of Acquasparta contacted Camaver Kunsthaus International and stated that they like many of my works and would be honored to exhibit one of my pieces on permanent basis in the new MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS. Which will be my Abstract Charcoal Drawing, 'Chained Free'..... As Dr. 'Carlo' Cerroni states: FEW artists get the chance to be permanently exhibited in a Museum.... .... I am in wonderment.. if there is a word like this.. Thank absolutearts. com for their constant friendly assistance and time.... Jodi and Janet are miracle workers for my insecurities on computer- Immense Gratitude to Dr. 'Carlo' Cerroni and Mr. 'Marcello' Cazzaniga,for their love of my Artworks, Inspiration .. Guidance.. Active Support.. Vision.. Professional Expertise.. Encouragement.. Patience--Time--and also Municipality of Lecco, Italy-- And Now The Municipality Of Acquasparta, Italy, who welcome my art collection in their city's historical places, so that uncountable people can enjoy.......... Also I want to extend my sincere joy and gratitude and deep appreciation-to all of YOU, who view my collection on this website on daily basis,,, or whenever time permits.. or mood hits-- for whatever reason----- You ALL inspire me to create and progress in the creative process....................................................... After 'Cesi' Palace 'The Perfection Of The Knowledge ' Exhibit.. My works were exhibited at the modern Showrooms of Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery in Lecco , Lombardie, Italy.. Recently, in October, they have been transported to Sondrio.. In November, Ms. Simona Cao, Manager for Camaver Kunsthaus in Sondrio, Northern Italy, will run an exhibit of my 'Mignon' Series in her gallery. After this special surprise exhibit, my works will be transported to France.. By invitation Of Camaver International, My master pieces will be exhibited in my first ever SOLO Exhibit at Camavers Gallery in Paris, France... Also the French Art Magazine 'Gazzette D'Artes' will feature a whole page on my artworks.. and this painter..................................................................... My 'eyes' are 'wide open'.. my senses extremely sharpened... I see behind this 'veil of future...' what I have envisioned so long ago...('woman without a face', blck. and whte. photo) And now.. I 'see' it take 'shape'... Leo Evans' guide to absolutearts .. My decision to 'go for it' .. The exposure of my art collection through absolutearts. com and their gracious patient, efficient help-- Where Camaver Kunsthaus International Gallery discovered my works- loves my works,guides and supports-as well as promotes my contemporary art collection. ...... and so do you. Thousands of you, who embrace my work on daily basis. Thank You All, for your love for my masterpieces... More is on the horizon.. Yours, 'Mignon'

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