Continuance II Sept FifteenTwoOThrtn Painting By Luise Andersen

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Artist Luise Andersen. 'Continuance II Sept FifteenTwoOThrtn' Artwork Image, Created in 2013, Original Fiber. #art #artist
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Luise Andersen


Continuance II Sept FifteenTwoOThrtn



Size - (USA):
17 W x 15 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
43.2 W x 38.1 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   Photo of art work taken early evening outside. The whites are whiter in daytime light. will take picture of work tomorrow in daytime... and attach to the right in thumb print... Did not today, since was painting and forgot the time... Sept.15,2013-- continuance.. oil painting in progress..#II of four I am working on... 15 x 17 inches on primed canvas sheet ** so.. four more days waiting for the oil paint I want.. to mix the red I crave/want.. with several of my paintings in progress.. also intend to use a mixed yellow ochre.. once I have the red.. at present.. go still for 'feel'.. symbolic in minimal .. increasing the emotionto deeper powerfu/strong.. keep eliminating things with stark chalky white.. yet let colors beneath break through.. have feel.. is going to still move towards the cobalt blues more.. less thalo/green blue tones........ *** .. have to mention.. the original is so much deeper in 'voice'.. expression of feel........ camera just does not 'get it'.. seems so capture image 'flat'.. yet is not... hmm.. maybe I check my large Sony camera.. that heavy thing, that cost a fortune.... which I got several years ago , actually to take quality pix of my art works.. but then.. thought , gets hues a bit too 'warm'.. hmmm.. plus my wrists are not as strong any more as they were 5 years ago... Maybe is just lack of 'space' for doing things the way I need to/want to.. have to work more maybe.. on the 'perfect'.. but.. what IS really perfect.. when expressing 'feel'.. disecting for me 'kills' it.. makes image 'frigid..' hmm.. that could be actually interesting too.. then viewing ignites 'the strong of feel' , 'substitutes' that what would be 'missing.....'.. yet is within the absence of 'feel'..... another 'option'.. of expressing feel.. huh?.. wayy over my head right now.. always these thoughts.. the pursue.. have neither space.. nor enough time.. on not enough hands............ .... have the 'heart'....................

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