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Jerry  Di Falco  'Paris In Violet', created in 2020, Original Digital Art.
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Jerry Di Falco


Paris In Violet

Size - (USA):
12 W x 26 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
30.5 W x 66.0 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

FRAME measures about 26 inches high by 12 inches wide. This work incorporates the genres of printmaking and painting. It is an etching that was enhanced with gouache and watercolors. The media for this multiple zinc plate etching includes RivesBFK paper, a blend of oil based ink. shand-dyed mulberry bark paper from Thailand infused with Japanese kozo threads, and water base media infused with gold. The etching incorporated the techniques of intaglio, aquatint, drypoint and chine colle. DiFalco manually printed the editions on a large BRAND manufactured flatbed press and also used six Nitric acid baths in the etching process before reaching his desired design. Each print took over ten hours to produce, partially due to the fact that the artist hand cut nine individual acetate stencils from which he then created nine separate treated and cut to fit mulberry bark paper pieces for each print in the Chine colle process. This work is adapted from on a 1987 photograph that the artist took in Paris, and the etching uses four individual zinc plates, all stacked in a vertical row on the printing press bed. THIS WORK IS SHIPPED TO THE COLLECTOR READY FOR HANGING IN AN ARCHIVAL MAT AND FRAME. THE CHINE COLLE PROCESS EXPLAINED Methyl cellulose powder is reconstituted by mixing it with spring water and then applying the clear viscous substance to hand dyed mulberry bark paper from Thailand, Brand Unryu. In Japan, Unryu translates as CLOUD DRAGON paper because it has long swirling threads of kozo fibers integrated in it, thereby giving the texture and visual effect of clouds. These fibers come the branches of the kozo bush, specifically the innermost of three layers of bark, which must be removed, cooked, and beaten before the sheets are formed. The treated Thai paper is allowed to dry overnight and I cut it to fit the plate areas where I want color to exist in the print. These stenciled mulberry bark papers are first dampened and placed upon the already inked and wiped etching plates. The printing process continues, and a multicolored image on paper results.
Keywords:   Paris, Eiffel Tower, Full Moon, Night Sky, Architecture, Painting, Eching, Original Painting, Landmarks Painting
Materials:   Other Types Of Paintings

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