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Superbe Silence Forest Kloska

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Ovidiu Kloska Superbe Silence Forest Kloska 2018
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Ovidiu Kloska


Superbe Silence Forest Kloska



Size - (USA):
100 W x 80 H x 2 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
39.4 W x 31.5 H x 0.8 D (inches)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   Title: from the series Beyond the inside - I LEAVE MY DAYS LIKE AUTUMN FOREST LEAVES , signed on January 2018 Tehnique: acrylic painting on stretched canvas edges are painted dark brawn ready to hang painting size: 100 x 180 cm LARGE SIZE signed 2018 MORE BEAUTIFUL ARTWORKS ON OFFICIAL GALLERY WWW. KLOSKART. COM SPECIAL DISCOUNTS Series Beyond the inside Certainly at my beginnings as a visual artist, in childhood, I camed into contact first with the landscape executed in classical manner. At first I drewed, I have learned the secrets, techniques, their stories. Now the artistic maturity, the figurative manner it no longer creates me the same pleasure. My wish is at the moment to create a landscape from a mental perspective, a Mindscape , a visual plastic confiruration different from the classic one ... but with a starting point the a real landscape. My forests and clearings are hiding the forms, they clasify a special romance, turnerian like, the liberated energy is ethereal, subtle, delicate. A viewer admiring a painting from this series in one of my exhibitions has characterized having something that its exudes from the glamor and the fascination of the jewelry with precious stones. All elements of landscape plant undergoes a transfiguration that invites to solitary journeys, both in the macrocosm and in the microcosm. The dynamics and the artistic rhythm are given musicality and light vibration. Basically the concept invites to mental journey into the abyss of being, consciousness, memory and hope. Ovidiu Kloska Last review from the personal paintings exhibition Alone, to the invisible touch , April - May 2015 Ovidiu Kloska or the DYNAMIC of the IMAGE When we approach to the works of Ovidiu Kloska, we focus our attention on a few elements. The first is a tireless desire to experiment techniques, ways of approaching bold plastic, facilities, graphics, drawing, mixed techniques. Interestingly series The wear of the city , an attempt to use the common places, as the artist says, that transfiguring them to discover the artistic connotation of urban space and its implications in the way of perceiving life beyond reality immediately. The creation of Ovidiu Kloska express a restless, but avid contain as much of the material world, visible and invisible. Relating to art history can approach to a certain extent what it animates the artist of the Romantic vision. Or maybe neo-romantic, of course with all data postmodernism. Art of states freedom of expression and the desire to own individuality with a certain exacerbation. But it is even more than that. It is an anxiety which is included in intangible and fixed the artistic object metaphysical meanings. In fact, the term fix is very inappropriate for the artistic approach of Ovidiu Kloska. Images created by him, often human images have a constant flow, have a non-finite that we encounter in Turner s paintings abstract painting or informality, although the atmosphere is released from them is different. As the artist expresses and captions or titles given sometimes works or cycles created the oniric dimension is always present in his approach to the visual. There is a dynamic shape or form captured in constant metamorphosis, change that it captivates the viewer and I send those fears that it will be exalted and the artist. Can any anxiety is not the best because I see the universe created by Ovidiu Kloska a depressive effect. There is a restlessness of străbaterii spaces. Space, spaces of matter of knowledge. There really is and this component: a hurry to reach spiritual essences, primary responses. No, the answers seem to be the subject of his works but the road to it, the whole process with its inner dynamism. How he performs eye I think that the solutions offered by el- solutions in this moment, because it does not seem an artist to settle for a formula without exploring beyond the EA are quite diverse but unified in terms of style. First it is a variety of materials. Then a recovery of plastics. What we have before us, informality, the game between abstract and figurative sense of decaying matter or transformation, halos surrounding the figures, the alternation of light and shadow, all this is a true exploration of matter, pictorial matter, are a affirmation of the material world. But paradoxically, by the treatment she receives a spiritual dimension and the continuous sliding between material and spiritual is the internal dynamics of the image that captivates us. Quick brushing, gestualitatea that builds and deconstructs form, vibration and light pictorial paste or shadow contained, everything has a vivacity of the movement that it asks the viewer and it integrates artistic process seems to take place in his presence. The artist gives shape to human forms, figures, which he also seems to challenge them. Le coagulates in a universe which is in constant becoming, a mysterious universe. It is a creation made into imminent revelation artist whose approach captures and communicates the images we often surprising.

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