Family Treasure Painting By Rasheed Amodu

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Artist Rasheed Amodu. 'Family Treasure' Artwork Image, Created in 2020, Original Pastel Oil. #art #artist
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Rasheed Amodu


Family Treasure

Size - (USA):
32 W x 48 H x 2 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
81.3 W x 121.9 H x 5.1 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

Family Treasure is an Onaism styled acrylic on canvas painting that dwells on the importance of family standard and values. Family Treasure was inspired by the love and bond that exist in a good family and home. The painting captures the essence of joy, peace and harmony in the household of this family of five father, mother, daughter and two sons. Greater love and the beauty of companionship as well as family bonding was unexpectedly encouraged by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown of many States nations across the globe. The subject matter of the painting is based on family treasure and pleasure such as love, joy, happiness, harmony, unity, togetherness and peaceful bonding that are some of the major treasure towards building a better world. A world with a good family treasure and structure will lead to a better society and State devoid of hazards from pandemics such as COVID-19. The father figure was dressed in a well embroidered Yoruba agbada top with a matching cap and under garment. The mother wore a magenta tight fitting gown of the same style and colour like that of their grown-up daughter, but the mother completed her dressing with a head-tie, gele in Yoruba language. The two boys are dressed in similar lemon yellow apparels with embroidered motifs. A motif of a shining Sun that symbolized an unending world of mankind and nature was depicted near the man’s head. The painting is an abstract work with Onaism stylistic finishing. Colours were employed in the work for both symbolic as well as aesthetics’ enhancement from a Yoruba African perspective.
Artwork Keywords:   Family, Treasure, Love, Bond, Harmony, Coronavirus, Lockdown, Father, Mother, Sons, Daughter, Original Painting
Materials:   Acrylic Paintings

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