Primordial Energy Activation Painting By Rizwana A Mundewadi

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Artist Rizwana A Mundewadi. 'Primordial Energy Activation' Artwork Image, Created in 2016, Original Painting Acrylic. #art #artist
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Rizwana A Mundewadi


Primordial Energy Activation

Size - (USA):
18 W x 14 H x 0.1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
45.7 W x 35.6 H x 0.3 D (centimeters)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   My Awakened Heart a Reiki healing painting. Opening of the inner flower, the spiritual being, the soul as it unfurls gradually , bringing the focus to the central core energy. Primordial, latent, within , from base, from existence, from the Universe within. Cosmic energy, usually a star , a lotus flower blooming, the chakra meditations and symbols help activation of primordial energy. Reiki symbols, and each petal, simply healing. Chakra colours, chakra mantras. It is the basic fact that beginning from an energy source , evolution , we more so often forget what we are, a pure form of energy, and healing art assists in bringing us back to the realm, the self. Primordial, the first The painting has again been done in steps using symbols that come forthe while painting this one, Here I go with the meditative state while painting the petals,and as gradually the lotus blooms, the layers, the petals, this time into more than a thousand petals. Reiki symbol for healing all chakra blocks and connecting healing energies to the core. Beginning with Harth, bringing to peace and harmony developing acceptance love and compassion, and then Power of Reiki light in rays of white and golden falling from the top, engulfing in the Halu pyramid of meditative state. which naturally overlaps with the opening process of the blooming lotus. The colors used are acrylics, light pink , cerulean blue, turquoise , golden and white all representative of purity and spirituality. And the chakra colours, seven. Dai Kyo Myo connecting the past present and future, healing symbol with lots of love, emerging into a beautiful thousand petalled lotus. Zonar, healing past lives and Harth a Reiki symbol for developing accepting love and compassion. The Opening of Heart, Mai Yur Ma-The heart and gate to the soul, it harmonizes love, clears sentiment traumas, brings confidence and healing. The symbol is very helpful in healing all heart issues, in fact, it changes situations and attracts only that which benefit us. Emotional healing symbols, Se He Ki , I often write two opposite symbols, love these, they not only protect and purify but also go in harmony with each other. After Kundalini Awakening paintings in series, the chakra meditations and healing mantras, they help in activating the chakra energy and helps balance and bring them to harmony and health. The top symbol, my ultimate aim in the healing art, enlightenment, here I write the Chinese symbol , it has the top lines that flow almost outwards towards the sky, heaven. Beautiful soul refreshed, an abstract symbolic painting, Primordial Energy Activation is an acrylic on canvas board painting , done in year 2014, size of this painting is 14x18 inches. My Awakened Heart Great Light of the Universe , Shine Upon me, Be my friend Thank You. God Bless from Rizwanawww. razarts. com

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