Creed Painting By Igor Shulman

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Artist Igor Shulman. 'Creed' Artwork Image, Created in 2020, Original Painting Ink. #art #artist
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Igor Shulman



Size - (USA):
39 W x 39 H x 2 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
100.1 W x 100.1 H x 5.1 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

This is not a religious work. It is rather an attempt to comprehend the basic moral principles that drive us. This work that black is not completely black, and white is not always white. And that between black and white the border is sometimes hardly distinguishable. And who decided that the cross is a symbol of Christianity, a symbol of martyrdom and self-sacrifice For me it is rather a symbol of faith. What faith and in what is a question for everyone. It is a very intimate area to discuss it publicly. The work was very difficult. I redid this work 5 or 6 times. It took a total of about a month. I deliberately chose the cross as the most recognizable and very ambiguous form. And I did some work with this form. This is just the beginning. I want to ensure that for you the cross does not become a scarecrow, but a positive symbol of faith. I can send the work as a rolled up canvas, or as a whole, stretched on a stretcher. No problem, at the same time a week or so. But for other money. As it turned out, the dimensions matter to the carrier. Therefore, sending a painting by the tsedik will cost about E200 - 400. The shipping price in a roll is indicated in the chapter Transportation and Delivery. Well, or somewhere on the topic. I do this only to answer all your questions. A lot of people wanted to get the whole picture, but I had no experience of sending in this way and I did not know how much the packaging and sending of the whole thing could cost. Now I have a similar experience and can deliver a picture in any form to anywhere in the world.
Artwork Keywords:   Abstract, Igor Shulman, Emitional, Positive, Minimalism, Harmony, Creed, Monochrome, Original Painting
Materials:   Oil Paintings

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