Eternidad Painting By Joyce Waddell Bailey

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Artist Joyce Waddell Bailey. 'Eternidad' Artwork Image, Created in 2006, Original Other. #art #artist
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Joyce Waddell Bailey



Size - (USA):
96 W x 48 H x 1.5 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
243.8 W x 121.9 H x 3.8 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

The iconography of Eternidad Eternity rests on a view ofthe world. I bow to the Leonardo da Vinci s Vitruvian Man for the central composition. As Toby Lester states 2012 To place a human being inside those shapes circle, square was to imply that the human body {man} could indeed be a blueprint for the universe. This anthropocentrismis replaced by anthropomorphism in Eternidad.. My composition defers in that I replace the man with a vegetative figure representing all life. The form is semi-human with legs, head and arms--arms that terminate in cups. The neckline is a cluster of tendrils. The dark background behind the figure has several objects relating to human activity a backpack, a knife, and a shag bag. Ixora is the source of the two stage circular and outside design. This plant produces intense red pointed clusters of petals. In all the background the flower is stylized and mixed with other forms and colors to please the eye. All of entwining in the background refers to the interconnections of life forces. From the human side If life were but a whisper in the vast eternity Twould be the loudest cry to those Who watch on silently. J. W. B. Unframed 2panels 96W X 48H. In artist s book Perfection of Form, ils.
Artwork Keywords:   Leonardo, Ixora, Center Of Life, Diptych, Dramatic, Visionary, Original Painting
Materials:   Oil Paintings

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