Jewelry Of East 4 Original Painting By Marina Venediktova

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Artist Marina Venediktova. 'Jewelry Of East 4 Original' Artwork Image, Created in 2021, Original Painting Oil. #art #artist
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Marina Venediktova


Jewelry Of East 4 Original

Size - (USA):
50 W x 100 H x 2 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
19.7 W x 39.4 H x 0.8 D (inches)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

https: youtu. be ikM2OKQokoQ You can watch the video of this picture with macro fragments at the link on my youtube channel The artist s idea in the picture… A new series of my paintings is dedicated to the East, or rather my trip to Egypt in March 2021. I spent a whole month in this mysterious country, traveling through the most ancient cities, admiring the pyramids, ancient temples and tombs of the pharaohs, studying the heritage of the historical museum in Cairo, living unforgettable days and nights in the vast endless desert, scuba diving in the depths of the red Sea. The history of the state, which was headed by 30 dynasties of the Pharaohs and several centuries of the Roman Empire, has been known to the world for 5000 years. All the best, all the most progressive in the development of the history of ancient civilizations went to this country: advanced technologies for the construction of giant religious buildings the height of the pyramids is 150 meters -this is about a 50-floor building , decorating the tombs of the pharaohs with ancient paints the colors of which are now as clean and bright as 3500 years ago , majestic statues and temples, the power of which you feel as soon as you are near them. And for 5,000 years, the rulers and ordinary people of Egypt have considered Gold, Silver, Bronze and Precious Stones as their personal main assets. Hundreds of exhibits of women s and men s jewelry of the elite of ancient dynasties, gold sarcophagi and masks of the pharaohs are in the treasury of the historical museum in Cairo. But you don’t need to visit the museum to feel the Egyptian culture, just walk through the streets of the cities and look at the Egyptian women and men. Women are dressed in colorful dresses that hide the whole body, but on top of the dress you will see dozens of gold chains with stones and beads. Men prefer silver jewelry on their fingers and wrists. The beautiful eyes of the representatives of the Egyptian nation also look like precious jewelry. Their color varies from the blackest to bright turquoise and emerald. The combination of such beauty of a person with jewelry was a new discovery for me, an unforgettable feeling that I express through my paintings. The picture is painted with active live strokes, it feels the play and movement of colors. The oil environment is displayed by the fluidity of its texture. The plot of the picture moves, changes and adapts to your mood. The sides of the picture are the continuation of the image, so you do not need to place the picture in a frame. Made on high-quality canvas 100 cotton , canvas density 300 gr meter, stretched on a high quality wooden stretcher frame. Used the best Russian oil paints produced in Russia, the city of St. Petersburg. 39,4 19,7 0,79 inches 100 50 2 cm I did not attach the hangers on the back side, and I will attach them to the package. The painting is accompanied by a certificate of copyright issued in Russia by the city of St. Petersburg.
Artwork Keywords:   Oil Painting, Abstract, Red, Green, Emerald, Yellow, Flowers, Smooth Lines, Color Transiti, Original Painting
Materials:   Oil Paintings

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