Yang From Yin And Yang Painting By Winnie Davies

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Artist Winnie Davies. 'Yang From Yin And Yang' Artwork Image, Created in 2007, Original Painting Oil. #art #artist
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Winnie Davies


Yang From Yin And Yang

Size - (USA):
48 W x 24 H x 2 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
121.9 W x 61.0 H x 5.1 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

Yin and Yang is a series I made to explore the fusion of Chinese painting and calligraphy with oil painting and acrylic. I applied my Chinese tradition into western oil painting. For example: The concept of Yin -Thousand Words comes from my basic training of Chinese calligraphy, which fuses into acrylic painting. The original text of Yin - Thousand Words was carved on black slate stone and it was one of the first text book (the modern term) for people to learn how to read and write the first thousand Chinese characters. I create a small section of Yin - Thousand Words by using a different medium - acrylic paints. I use thick layers of black acrylic paint on canvas to pretend to be the black stone base. Then I use a palette knife to scrape the Chinese calligraphy on the canvas. The effect is like the carved Chinese calligraphy on a black stone. On the other hand, Yang Zen presents the opposition effect of a board with sticking out words on top of a thick layer of acrylic paint. It creates an illusion of a wooden board with solid form of words, which is only done by metallic paint on canvas.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Painting
Materials:   Other Types Of Paintings

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