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Tiger Lily Jones offering original Cibachrome Photographs artworks.

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Artists Describing Their Art:

Tiger Lily Jones - I create and offer my artwork to help bring nature indoors with a purpose to elevate and inspire the viewer. Nature is so creative and has the power of beauty and the power of transformation be it to calm or to excite. The effect nature has on us humans is so profound, even a photograph or painting of nature holds that power and I desire that my artwork expresses nature's beauty and power and that it will inspire emotion and renew the viewer's energy and purpose and good health. I believe my artwork will transform the space in which it hangs to benefit the viewer - to elevate your spirit, please your senses, renew your purpose, and support your soul. Nature inspires me. Color inspires me as it easily helps to express our emotional tones and dreams and is inseparable from nature. Color is nature's expression of infinite possibility and ingenuity. My photographs are not meant to be realistic.. They represent my memories of experiencing a particular natural place and have a dreamlike quality that tells the story of that experience; how the place affected me, transformed me, inspired me and I hope in turn, does the same ...