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Luise Andersen  'Luise Mignon On Lensfix NovTwoOEleven', created in 2011, Original Fiber.
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Luise Andersen


Luise Mignon On Lensfix NovTwoOEleven

Size - (USA):
10 W x 13 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
25.4 W x 33.0 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

.. yes... there are tones of red/pink .. and green.. in this black and white/grey pic.. :-) November 2011.. my little easyshare did not show images.. could aim in the dark ,so called.. well.. did.. frustrates kind of.. like painting with the eyes closed, which is much more rewarding.. tried that one.. feels like tying scarf around eyes.. and do things.. discover the 'other dimensions of feel'.. Well.. getting 'side tracked'.. Great is.. after a week.. mourning and nagging.... I found the 'culprit', which left the finder and screen black.. this little LCD button.. hmm.. must have put something on it, when camera was in my bag.. my 'life' is in my bag .. :-) .. from pencils.. to pens.. sketch book.. to sunscreen to.. I don't know what.. well.. Great is.. I played with the camera.. since cannot find the instruction booklet, I placed in a specicifally great safe place, I would 'remember'.. think, I will forget that one from now on.. if I will remember..:p So.. I played with all kind of little buttons on this to me special camera (bought it in Germany in company of very good friends.. thank You, lovely Petra.. and Trudi.. for the half off coupon).. and when I pressed this 'never press' button.. the finder.. showed my objects 'intent'.. ++ size for uploading purpose only.
Keywords:   Original Photography, People Photography
Materials:   Color Photographs

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