The Immacule Forest Hula Prayer Dance Photography By Tiger Lily Jones

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Artist Tiger Lily Jones. 'The Immacule Forest Hula Prayer Dance' Artwork Image, Created in 2010, Original Printmaking Giclee - Open Edition. #art #artist
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Tiger Lily Jones


The Immacule Forest Hula Prayer Dance

Size - (USA):
48 W x 30 H x 65 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
121.9 W x 76.2 H x 165.1 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

“Oh immaculate forest, bless us. Let us take care of you, as you take care of us. You give us food, water, and food and aloha the air we breathe. You are sacred, oh immaculate forest,” the Hula Dancer sings through hula. a prayer to enhance the bond between nature and the people, representing our need to celebrate and manage the environment as a sacred component of our existence the Hawaiians did and still do have sustainable land management practices. We can learn much from the Hawaiians ways for the sake of planet. The Hula Dancer maybe from Polynesia, but nature is world-wide, even in France. I like how the branches of the tree formed wooden Eiffel Towers in each corner of the waterfall cross and how the orchids fall into pools of water at each direction. The cross represents the four directions, North, South, East, West, as well as all the corners of the earth and the sacred bond man has with nature. I may consider offers for this work. I did not check the accept offers box, because I feel it is not clear.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Photography
Materials:   Cibachrome Photographs

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