The Long Way Home III Photography By Kristine Caroppoli

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Artist Kristine Caroppoli. 'The Long Way Home III' Artwork Image, Created in 2011, Original Photography Other. #art #artist
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Kristine Caroppoli


The Long Way Home III

Size - (USA):
8 W x 10 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
20.3 W x 25.4 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

Caroppoli, beach, seashore, seaside, coast, shore, coastline, shoreline, sand, saltwater, salt life, island, banks, outer banks, sandbar, dunes, sandbanks, atmosphere, Hurricane Irene, 2011, Ocean, marine, sea, deep-sea, oceanic, water, maritime, nautical, aquatic, oceangoing, seafaring, seagoing, sea life, sea turtle, endangered species, young, baby, sanctuary, refuge, national park, nature, natural surroundings, wildlife, , organic, living, animate, natural, innate, ecological, pure, raw, wholesome, essence, spirit, core, heart, soul, lifeblood, principle, substance, chi, life, life-force, inner self, passion, emotion, feeling, sensation, affirming, blissful, wonderful, pleasurable, carefree, exuberant, pulsating, energy, energetic, lively, stunning, striking, spectacular, fabulous, superb, magnificent, gorgeous, exquisite, dramatic, eye-catching, beautiful, delightful, flawless, thrilling, impression, feeling, mood, interesting, intriguing, imaginative,surf, waterfront, oceanfront, Oceanside, image, appearance, aura, picture, photo, representation, representational, character, shape, form, photo, photograph, snapshot, depiction, Avon, North Carolina, Hatteras, Hatteras Island, South, Southeast, digital photograph, OBX, landscape, scenery, setting, scene, panorama, view, environment, vista, organic, living, animate, natural, innate, ecological, pure, raw, wholesome,
Artwork Keywords:   Original Photography
Materials:   Color Photographs

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