OPOSSUM MOM Taking Break In Prak I Photography By Luise Andersen

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Artist Luise Andersen. 'OPOSSUM MOM Taking  Break In Prak I' Artwork Image, Created in 2011, Original Fiber. #art #artist
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Luise Andersen


OPOSSUM MOM Taking Break In Prak I

Size - (USA):
16 W x 20 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
40.6 W x 50.8 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

... was going to be 107 degress.. already hot in early morning on 2 miles regular walk around park.. gardener day today.. mowers.. blowers.. couple years now, we see familiar faces.. exchange smiles and greetings.. when we meet.. always courteous.. they stop their machines.. and let us walk by.. today.. was going to be 'different.. we walked, trying to gt the miles in heat 'behind' us.. when this very nice gardener approached me.. there is animal .. he said to me.. where..?.. On wall.. he pointed with his arm.. Could not see a thing.. On the wall.. he smiled.. you will see.. and went on with his business.. blowing the cuttings away from path.. All of them know.. I always.. mostly always.. have my camera.. and take pix of trees.. and puddles.. etc. etc.. smiled to myself.. while walking with Pauline towards the wall.. which seperates residential buildings from park area.. and we both held our breaths.. my goshly.. there they were.. A MaMa Opossum.. top of wall strip.. laying flat.. and covered with her ohhhh sooo sweet.. little ones... ahhhhwhwhhh... MUST take p[ic.. and I started... counting the little ones too.. Five.. crawling over under.. in front of the mothers' eyes.. mouth.. clinging every wherre.. with their cute little faces bobbing up out of this squiggely crawling 'fur ball'.. Mother off and on accomodated in moving a bit.. here and there.. looking at us.. really not much concerned.. even when we 'closed' in to get better view.. pictures of them.. me.. talking to her.. took many pictures, as you may guess.. and story too..... more to come.. ++ size for uploading purpose only.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Photography
Materials:   Color Photographs

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