UNDER THE SPELL Of Light Water Movement Photography By Luise Andersen

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Artist Luise Andersen. 'UNDER THE SPELL Of Light Water Movement' Artwork Image, Created in 2013, Original Fiber. #art #artist
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Luise Andersen


UNDER THE SPELL Of Light Water Movement

Size - (USA):
34 W x 38 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
86.4 W x 96.5 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

This is # 175 of series of 330 photographs of Fontana Fountain.. from 1 P. M. t 3:30 P. M. -- When You view these photographs, please keep in ind.. even though is very easy to 'forget'.. that these are images of falling water…none of these exquisite, intriguing, beautiful forms are in surroundings, nor inside of the fountain… Light, Water, the Movement due to gravity of fall and wind, form these for me magical images.. like paintings to me.. I aim my camera, a simpel little Sony, think, cybershot.. camera..4 inches? x 3…. hmm.. must look again.. am using the zoom .. not too much.. just so.. and eyes hook onto forms.. light leads me.. and then.. I forget about everything around me… .. again.. soon as I stopped.. noticed, that my body was exhausted.. heavy the legs.. and couple hrs. later.. aching all over.. must have been these awkward positions.. movements.. the reach.. etc.. I spontaneously do.. to get closer to what I 'see'…….. People stop.. and look, what is so interesting in this fountain, but crystal clear falling strands of water… Hmmm… they do not see.. what I 'see'…………………. unless they view my portfolio…….. ALL THESE IMAGES ARE UNTOUCHED.. UNEDITED……. I will make copies of them.. and edit those.. at a later point of 'time'… In Meantime.. enjoy the magic… some have the right dpi for copies.. which You will see in left of page.. only shows the last one taken.. so.. if interested, to see more.. please go on my portfolio.. where the available for acquisition images show…categorized .. *** I will upload more tomorrow.. too exhausted…there are series within series.. and I will try to upload with alike hues.. or forms.. Took pix of both of the fountains.. and each has 4 sides with falling waters.. light is each side different.. and prisms within waters.. etc…each time other images.. timing.. as mentioned before.. and angle.. is of utmost importance.. Most of all .. the 'Light'……………………. ** size mentioned here, is for uploading purpose only.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Photography
Materials:   Color Photographs

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