Paris Series Third Floor Room Thirty Three Photography By Luise Andersen

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Artist Luise Andersen. 'Paris  Series  Third Floor Room Thirty Three' Artwork Image, Created in 2006, Original Fiber. #art #artist
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Luise Andersen


Paris Series Third Floor Room Thirty Three

Not For Sale
Size - (USA):
7 W x 5 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
17.8 W x 12.7 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

You notice.. I made myself feel more at ease.. my painting Fenetre D'Esprit hangs over a small picture that is originally on the wall.. Mine looks soo much better.... to me.. and Fractions of a Moment inside the window (always sleep with open window, no matter how cold .. Charming ornate iron front deco.. Could relax now.. maybe even sleep a little.. after shower.. Come to think of it.. was glad I 'made' it in time.. Why ? When it is up to me, to do so..?! Here comes the other little 'story' of facts.... if you want to read it................................................... As usual I get picked up by car service to get to airport LAX in Los Angeles.. Just a minute after the chaffeur took off, the sedan moved different.. and he mentioned, a tire is busted.. he would have to pull over and change to reserve.. Thought.. good grief.. I might miss my flight.. what when another tire 'blows'.. He found a spot behind some fast food place.. took out front part of carpeting.. opened trunk to look for jack and other tools.. and could not find... I lifted the carpeting in trunk, and found the jack etc.. He knelt on the carpet piece (dark suit ) and started to get jack under car to lift.. ' It does not lift enough to get tire off' I heard him say.. 'Needs more try' I encouraged.. and he tried.. not looking very happy (come to think of it, I would not either, in this position).. half an hour passed and he got it off, put the small one on, but then the jack would not get away from under the car.. he put the tools in the trunk, got behind the wheel and started to move the car 'whee bit'.. and to my amazement, the jack popped away from beneath the car.. I praised his genious-idea and he got out again, picked up the jack, put it also in the trunk and then we took off... 'have to return to our shop and change car.. not safe with this small reserve tire at the speeds on freeway' chaffeur mentioned looking at me for agreement.. nothing else but agree came to my mind.. so he drove to Ontario, twenty minutes away city.. and surprised the mechanic there with his request for other car even though he had called him right after change of tire... Was motioned to place myself (of course door was opened for me) in a white limo.. thought kind of old looking on the inside.. opening door for me didn't cloud my eyes... and much too much space and offerings of booze and conveniences for me.. Get lost in there. feel like 'guppy in a bathtub--but main fact is,I arrived on time.. Must have been designed wayyy before I was aware, that I get off to Paris in different style.. LAX as usual.. Long line of travellers with lots of lugguage... I was relieved once my large box was taken off my hands, as well as the small suitcase (which I painted years ago with my laselectart and mignon logo, as well as absolutearts website and Camaver Internationals' added last year.. Verry efffective promoter, my suitcase.. plus can find easy at baggage pickup ;-).. ) Waited and waited.. until I heard announcement, that take off is 10 minutes delayed.... didn't understand reason of since announcement overly loud (wonder if they want you to and that's why unclear) and after the ten minutes, it was again 10 minutes late.. 90 minutes .. people were restless.. felt their moods, as they stood or sat close by.. I concentrated on viewing... their expressions.. movements... clothing.. shoes.. sounds of voices... and before I knew, I was in my isle seat.. and this great feeling of a powerful ascending 'big bird..'..
Artwork Keywords:   Original Photography
Materials:   Other Photography Types

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