Paris Series View From My Window Photography By Luise Andersen

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Artist Luise Andersen. 'Paris  Series  View From My Window' Artwork Image, Created in 2006, Original Fiber. #art #artist
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Luise Andersen


Paris Series View From My Window

Not For Sale
Size - (USA):
5 W x 7 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
12.7 W x 17.8 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

... am curious of my surroundings and take a look... I like, what I see.. the old with the new.. eyes scan rooftops.. very interesting.. many ornate.. looks like some have history... looong history... across on the left, is Amour red lit sign.. Mind of mine as so often.. A bordello? Wonder what it is.. Found out is like bar and open late.... Have 'story' about that too....... As you might guess, Iarrived totally drained at hotel and felt severe need for rest.. After arranging the room 'feel like my room' , I was ready for shower- fresh air felt great through open window.. warm shower relaxed me more and city sounds from below, like cars, motorcycles, sirenes, didn't bother me at this point.. Set the alarm for 8 a. m. so I would not miss out on breakfast (included) slipped under the blankets (2), shaped the soft pilllow 'just so', (am fussy with pillow), and noticed, I was getting a little bit cold.. mild winter outside; grabbed my coat and draped it on top.. fine.. just right.. started dozing off, when I heard voices from below.. car doors bang close.. open again-- man, did sound travel upwards..!! Too tired to get up and close window at this point.. voices of two guys seemed annoyed.. sharp.. short staccato.. then more.. 'Bugged' me now, that I forgot my French... didn't understand a thing.. I grinn now (then not).. maybe was better, I didn't.. BUT, when they keep me awake, I wanted to know, why.. Had to be worth it.. After half an hour (I watched the alarm clock I had brought with me), peace.. They drove off. Tires squealed and roaring motors.. didn't get the gears right either.. three cars.. Wonderful! Turned, fussed with pillow and just, when I had it right for next try to sleep, a woman's voice, not happy either, that one.. man joined in.. happy neither.. and then other... Good grief.. I still !! didn't understand a thing!.. darn... This argument grew real heated.. sharp foot steps from heels.... shuffling -car doors.. open.. close.. open.. close.. an hour this time... As if you want to 'watch' a movie and picture does not show- then 'peace'... But! was so awake by then, that I could not fall asleep .. answered e- mails coming in from the US and others.. must be afternoon there... Just when my eyes felt like 'cross eyed'.. and a lot like rocks... I needed 'fuss' with pillow again for last 'run' on catching sleep, the Amour club down there must have closed.. groups of peoples voices, 'zapped' sounding, emerged and guess where they stopped, to say their last 'words' , before several good byes.. under my window ! Night carried sounds so clear.. I looked at the clock.. close to two, and they were still grouping.. Nobody in neighborhood seemed to mind, so.. I peeled out from under my now warm covers, and closed the window.. didn't work for me.. need of open space. And besides, I could hear the group still. Again got up, opened window and looked down.. Two ladies and three guys.. hmmm.. interesting, I thought.. Wondered, how they'd 'solve' that one.. At 2:30 in the morning, they had a splendid idea. All left in one bigger sized car.. peace at last... Snuggled deeper under my covers and kept wondering, what they decided to do.. to 'live' the rest of the night.. Well.. where would they go- or stop, this late at night, or morning.. when sounds of trash bins reached my ears.. Huh? that ! early? No one I know, or can think of, likes to drag trash bins out.. particular not at that time.. Nothing like that in California, or even efficient Germany... Just had ! to see that one. And yesss... the owner?or whoever closed the bar/club, was dragging out plastic bins.. Well, he would be done with that soon.. I lay under the 'blankees' again.. when sound of scrubbing, and water.. and scrubbing plastic bins proceeded through my window.. Shoot.. .. This promised to be a 'No' night.. People came by.. one must have asked for something and I heard the scrubbing guy send the other away harshly.. Bins were done by 3:30 in the morning.. and so was I.. Fussed with my pillow again.. grabbed the other one too.. and fell asleep -not hearing a thing- until the alarm rang.. Another shower opened my eyes enough to get into my brothers (now mine;-) ) leather pants and sweater.. favourite comfy boots too.. Strong good coffee, small baguettes (rolls), cheese, etc.. were 'calling'.. Told myself, that 'dude' would not scrub bins every early morning.. and just in case.. I took a nap (which I usually never do) in the early afternoon.. Even thought of the opening, of my exhibit, didn't keep me awake..
Artwork Keywords:   Original Photography
Materials:   Other Photography Types

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