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Lynda Lehmann: 'The Ponies', 2011 Color Photograph, Circus. Artist Description:  Beautiful painted ponies on a merry- go- round, evoke tradition and vintage Americana, while beckoning for a ride.  Keywords: merry- go- round, carousel, rides, family, fun, recreation, horses, ponies, mandala, steed, painted, vintage, Americana, thrills, travel, tourism, honky- tonk, arcade, amusement, play, entertainment, children, crowd, crowded, concession, commercial, ...
, 2011
Circus - Color Photograph
12 x 9 inches ( x )
Elra Norris-gattermeir: 'Clown With Ribbon Border', 2001 Other Photography, Circus. Artist Description: 5x7 blank photo note card, with envelope. Original photo by Elra K. Norris printed on quality card stock.Whimsical circus clown ushers in holiday spirit.International orders, please contact Elra Norris ( photographer@ elphotos. com) for shipping costs. There are no shipping fees to addresses within the continental United ...
Circus - Other Photography
7 x 5 inches ( x )

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