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Ivan Kosta: 'The Cello Player', 1999 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description: A combination stainless steel and exotic wood abstract.Wailing velvety strainsfestivals and mournings alikecoming through the mind, fingers,the power that charms the ear,assuage a piercing grief,celebrate a good deed,a richly piled table,a pauper' s fast.Shall forever last.The cello ...
Abstract - Mixed Media Sculpture
22 x 36 inches ( x )
Valeria Sepulveda: 'EARTH', 2006 Steel Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description:  Piece of the series 4 Elements of Nature. Sculpture of metal assemblies. ( wrought and welded iron cut- outs)...
, 2006
Abstract - Steel Sculpture
61 x 77 cm ( x )