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John H. Freeman: 'Mobile 11', 2001 Aluminum Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description: Inspired by Kandinsky and of course Calder. The second piece to incorporate the use of tines.  ...
, 2001
Abstract - Aluminum Sculpture
12 x 17 inches ( x )
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John H. Freeman: 'Mobile 7', 1979 Aluminum Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description: Built in 1979, this piece fell 15 feet in the Northridge earthquake and was badly damaged.  It has been refurbished for the owner and is alive and happy in its new environment....
, 1979
Abstract - Aluminum Sculpture
56 x 18 inches ( x )
John H. Freeman: 'Mobile 5', 1977 Aluminum Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description: This is one of my earliest surviving mobiles constructed of bronze beams and fiberboard balast....
, 1977
Abstract - Aluminum Sculpture
38 x 15 inches ( x )
Gina Telcocci: 'ball with hole', 1998 Wood Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description: sphere made of twigs and roots with a 6
Abstract - Wood Sculpture
23 x 23 inches ( x )
Ivan Kosta: 'Spirit of the Rockies', 1997 Steel Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description: A stainless steel rendition ( abstract) of an evergreen tree, struggling for survival high up in the Rockies, exposed to gales of wind and hale, even sruck by a lightning, but still standing and towering over its surroundings, undefeated, proud. . . ...
Abstract - Steel Sculpture
4 x 8 feet ( x )
Ivan Kosta: 'The Cello Player', 1999 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description: A combination stainless steel and exotic wood abstract.Wailing velvety strainsfestivals and mournings alikecoming through the mind, fingers,the power that charms the ear,assuage a piercing grief,celebrate a good deed,a richly piled table,a pauper' s fast.Shall forever last.The cello ...
Abstract - Mixed Media Sculpture
22 x 36 inches ( x )
Valeria Sepulveda: 'EARTH', 2006 Steel Sculpture, Abstract. Artist Description:  Piece of the series 4 Elements of Nature. Sculpture of metal assemblies. ( wrought and welded iron cut- outs)...
, 2006
Abstract - Steel Sculpture
61 x 77 cm ( x )