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Browse 482 Figurative Sculptures artworks for sale. Contemporary artists: Pica Mertvago, N Jane Westbrook offering Sculptures artworks. Links to more artworks by these contemporary artists and 17 pages for Sculpture% and further artists at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these contemporary artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio. To buy any Sculptures simply click on the image to go to a more detailed page about this work of art.

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N Jane Westbrook: 'Lady Loss', 2000 Bronze Sculpture, Figurative. Artist Description: We must first embrace Necessary LossesAnd acknowledge our mistakes and vulnerability. Only then, can we reawaken the Sleeping MuseAnd give brith to the Creative Power of the Divine....
, 2000
Figurative - Bronze Sculpture
15 x 18 inches ( x )
N Jane Westbrook: 'Struggle with His Soul', 2000 Bronze Sculpture, Figurative. Artist Description: Each life is filled with the pulse of duality. The soul is fed by the dynamic movement of the struggle. Every life embodies this Divine Presence. Ultimately, we dance toward enlightenment....
Figurative - Bronze Sculpture
18 x 21 inches ( x )
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