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Randall Fox: 'THE RAPE OF NICZANRAN', 2018 Mixed Media Sculpture, Holocaust. Artist Description: Contact artist for Details. ...
Holocaust - Mixed Media Sculpture
4 x 8 inches ( x )
Hal Goldberg: 'Anne Frank at the Wall in Jerusalem', 1985 Stone Sculpture, Holocaust. Artist Description:  In my sculpture this is a symbolic event that does in fact occur.  My purpose was to join together two of the most symbolic remnants of the Holocaust  - Anne Frank and her undying optimism about the good of Mankind, and the return of the Jewish people to Israel ( ...
Holocaust - Stone Sculpture
14 x 24 inches ( x )
Hal Goldberg: 'Raoul Wallenberg at 77', 1989 Stone Sculpture, Holocaust. Artist Description:  It is 1989, and you have just been let into a cell in Lubyanka Prison in Moscow. The man on the cot in front of you slowly rises to look at you.  He is Raoul  Wallenberg. You have come to inform him the world did not forget.  My ...
Holocaust - Stone Sculpture
20 x 13 inches ( x )
Hal Goldberg: 'Kinder Fun Maidanek ', 1986 Stone Sculpture, Holocaust. Artist Description:  This sculpture is based on the poem by the famous Yiddish writer Aaron Zeitlin, written in 1946. My sculpture memorializes the children who were murdered in Maidanek. It reflects Zeitlin's poem, and has no head, no arms, no legs. And no womb - there are, and will be, ...
Holocaust - Stone Sculpture
12 x 24 inches ( x )
Hal Goldberg: 'Golem DNA', 2001 Stone Sculpture, Holocaust. Artist Description:  The DNA double helix of the Golem is now preserved in marble, and will re- create a new Golem whenever the Jewish people is in jeopardy. On the top of the double helix center column is carved the word
, 2001
Holocaust - Stone Sculpture
11 x 17 inches ( x )

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