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Browse 33 Representational Sculptures artworks for sale. Contemporary artists: Don Dougan, Depree Shadowwalker, Phil Parkes, Alice Mckay Barnett offering Sculptures artworks. Links to more artworks by these contemporary artists and 2 pages for Sculpture% and further artists at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these contemporary artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio. To buy any Sculptures simply click on the image to go to a more detailed page about this work of art.

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Depree Shadowwalker: 'Fallen Warrior', 2002 Ceramic Sculpture, Representational. Artist Description: She is a strong woman, fully capable to navigate their future.She makes her way with the trusted mare that carries her and her child to safety. This sculpture is about single mothers who lack the support of the father of their child, the fallen warrior. So this ...
Representational - Ceramic Sculpture
9 x 9 inches ( x )
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Phil Parkes: 'Coming Around', 1999 Stone Sculpture, Representational. Artist Description: Coming Around in Colorado Yule Marble represents the circle of life - a circle implying wholeness and something complete. The vastly different surface textures - the glassy high polish of the spiraling circle and the roughly textured opposite in the square lower half are like the ups and downs - highs ...
Representational - Stone Sculpture
11 x 28 inches ( x )
Alice Mckay Barnett: 'boobie ', 2000 Stone Sculpture, Representational. Artist Description: Geological re- creation of a local landscape using indigenous rocks found on location....
, 2000
Representational - Stone Sculpture
32 x 24 inches ( x )

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