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puposky, Minnesota - United States

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Albert Belleveau; Wave Wanderer, 2005, Original Sculpture Stone, 30 x 52 inches. Artwork description: 241  Sticks and stone sculpture ...
Albert Belleveau
Original Stone Sculpture, 2005
30 x 52 inches (76.2 x 132.1 cm)
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Artist Statement

Albert Belleveau

We make art to see better.
I look at my world realizing that things are never what they seem on the surface. The art that results personifies this openness and mystery, as I attempt to record the myriad of paradox that I see as I journey through and beyond this realm of space and time. I use rocks, metal, wood, humor and found objects to portray this vision. I hope my fascination with this medium may join to awaken the quest within the hearts and minds of those who enjoy my perspective: The quest to see better.
The technology I use to reproduce my vision relies heavily on the forces that came together to produce the rock upon which we find ourselves wheeling through space.
Welding machines using electricity (the glue of life) to melt and fuse seemingly solid substance. Plasma cutter-- the power of the sun in your hand producing a stream of
charged ions capable of cutting through inches of solid metal. Torches, forge and foundry (fire) the force of destruction and creation (the dance of Shiva). Grinders, the proverbial abrasives rounding off the rough edges. All working together to aid in the cauldron of creation. I consider this work not an exploitation of nature, but rather a fusion of nature and the human spirit to form a new creation that can transcend both. From the primordial ooze of an idea. to the hands on formation of a work struggling to be born I am transported beyond myself and local to an ineffable state of odyssey: Art
To be able to share the process with others, through sculpture workshops or gallery exhibition, is the most fulfilling of my activities.


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