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Artist Statement

I create objects, sounds and installations that are derived from observations in daily life. I'm particularly interested in daily rituals, routines, and everyday objects, with emphasis on temporal progression. Naturally, these things lead to unpredictability, fluctuation, and the inevitability of change which drives my work intuitively. I'm sensitive to details and intrigued by the contradictions they embrace. All this makes it permissible for me to be nurturing, ironic, and hypocritical, bringing me closer to obscuring our perceived boundaries between art and life.

In this current body of work, I'm investigating Acousmatics - this is when we rupture the representational characteristics of sound and delve deeper into the sensations and personal meanings of sounds. I'm particularly interested in our relationships with common natural sounds, and how they are re-produced through unnatural technology. Using raw speakers and audio wire as sculptural objects, I intend to provide a space where we can appreciate natural and implied systems that make up our world, posing questions as to how far technology can actually benefit and enrich our daily lives. The spaces where these experiments exist are taken into consideration; they play a key part in the sculptural and conditional characteristics of my work and point to the lesser emphasized components that normally go unnoticed. I work mainly with small sounds, intending to re-focus our ears to what is around us and rewarding attention for remaining in this present moment.

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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