Artist Statement -

Alex Atza Visnic feels Art has the power of a healer, sensibility of inspiration, universality of creation, passion for
the unexplored and enormous love for diversity. That is why he consider Art to be the initial spark for every
human step towards exploration of the universe and evolutional transformation.
In ÒUrban Art LandscapesÓ Alex is expressing his passion for warm, colorful neighborhood he live in and
communities he visit on travels, painted in acrylic on canvas; Communities where people meet for a talk, have a
cup of coffee or tea, enjoy together in a beautiful scenery, spend time with friends and family. Every image is a
portrayal of unique environments through architecture, people and nature. His website ( is an Art
Blog where he presents his work in progress, philosophy about art and life, images from shows and travels.
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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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