Artist Statement -

What pushes me to a new picture Its always an impulse. This is a feeling of falling in love with something a flower, an insect, an animal, an object, a person, someone’s face, a color, a spot, the very state of my mood. But it just flutters in my chest - thats when I understand this is what I want to paint on the canvas.

Artist Exhibitions

NON STOP MEDIA 8, Kharkov 2016 — Finalist
COMFY ART PRIZE, Kyiv 2016 -Finalist
Contest of young artists MUHI 2015, Scherbenko Art
Center , Kyiv, 2015 -Finalist
Competition in the field of contemporary art named after David Burliuk, Sumy 2015 — winner

Group art projects
TRANSITION. Perekhod, Unlimited Art Foundation, Kyiv, 2016.
SEX DIALOGUES, Ermilov Center, Kharkiv 2016
Botanica, gallery Lavra, Kyiv, 2016
WOMAN SECRET, Mystetsky Arsenal, Kyiv, 2015

Personal exhibitions
ROOTS Korni, Experimental Center for Contemporary Art Tea Factory, Odessa 2015
Invisiblenezametny, gallery VOVA TANYA, Kharkov, 2015
MOTHER OF THE PEOPLES materi narodov, Art-basement of the municipal gallery, Kharkiv, 2014.
PEACE FOR MIRONOSITSKY mirno na mironositskoi, exhibition-apartment, Kharkiv 2014...

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