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Already in early childhood with him, constituted artistic feeling, as his mother mentioned "Yet he could not walk and has to scrawl the wall." As a scholar he went to private tennis lessons, otherwise self-taught. Paint it became not only acceptable, but literally a life necessity. "When the brush and touch; painting in your own head." Because of its unusual creativity, quickly developed into a versatile artist able to live their own creation as a professional painter. He exhibited in several European countries, his paintings are part of several collections of world art galleries, is the author of several book illustrations and covers. Participates in the activities of many regional, national and international societies and art associations, is a permanent participant and instructor of domestic and foreign creative camps and members of the Fine Arts Fund.
It uses various techniques - oil, tempera and acrylic paints, pastels and ink drawings. It is known as figuralista captures its characters living in border situations, where the detection of their inner world as if only side-effect. As he says in his artistic statement is much more than beauty, seek the truth. It uses modern experimental technique fauvistickú palette menu find a bold painting with a spatula.

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