Artist Statement -

Artur Pashkov is an artist originally from Russia. He arrived to New York in 2001 to explore the land of the opportunity in his career and passion. Here, Artur Pashkov wants to pursue a goal of a successful artist that can reach an audience by expressing his feelings and emotions through his Art. Artur graduated with BFA from Pace University in 2007.
Fine Art is Artur's gateway to share with other people his way of seeing everything around him. In this way some people can perceive through his representations and visions the world in different perspective and color.It's not easy for Artur to describe his creativity, because it's a process that he's not fully aware of. His visions are like dreams, and are not easily understood or explained. Every time he takes a brush in hand, his visions are coming from nowhere, and he does not know where they will take him. Some of Artur's paintings appear to come from another world, crazy and even scary.
Artur Pashkov is a painter practically from birth, when other kids wanted a bike or a plane Artur wanted to paint. Over the last few years Artur Pashkov have sold a large part of his repertoire to private collectors and friends throughout the world. Today, years of experience and extensive training in Art have given Artur the confidence to share Art to the world. He is highly respectful to life's limitations and to the lines society has drawn about the expression of feelings and emotions, but when it comes to Art Artur wants to be free from any barriers and obstacles. Art is a place where he can express himself without any limitations, or any hindrance. Art allows Artur to feel free and independent in his thoughts and feelings.

Artist Exhibitions

2016 * "Sexual Energy" Solo Art Show. Prince st. Project Space. New York. USA

2015 * Art of Fashion. Empire Hotel Roof Top. New York. USA

2014 * National Juried Art Competition. Greenpoint Gallery. New York. USA

2014 * INITIUM NOVUM Abstract Exhibition. Dacia Gallery. New York. USA

2011 * "Assembling Happiness" Group Art Show. Peter Louis Salon
Gallery. New York City. USA

2011 * "Gift of Art" Abstract Art Show. New York City. USA

2011 * "Moving Currents" Abstract Art Show. New York City. USA

2011 * West Side Art Gallery "Rising Above 9/11". New York City. USA

2011 * "Rising Above 9/11" Art Show. New York City. USA

2011 * Project30 Art Exhibition. USA

2011 * "" contest. USA

2010 * "May the best art win" contest. USA

2008 * Agni Gallery Small Works Show. New York, Lower East Side. USA

2007 * Art Gotham The Square Foot Show. New York, Chelsea. USA

2007 * Pace University Art Gallery Show. New York. USA

2004 * Pace University Art Gallery Show. New York, Pleasantville. USA

1995 * Russian Magazine "Nedorosl" Art Show. Moscow, Russia


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Artist Collections

Mr. Milton Beyer, Oakland, CA, USA
Mr. Jan van de Broeck, Belgium, Europe
Mr. John Cockcroft, Charlotesville, VA, USA
Mr. Thomas Nasca, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Mr. Emilio Romero, San Antonio, TX, USA
Ms. Wendy Krajniak, Middleburg, FL, USA
Mr. Austin Wentworth, Chestnut Hill, Ma, USA
Mr. Jon Chavez, Atlanta, Ga, USA
Mr. Ian Clarke, Kent, Uk, Europe
Mr. Michael Shepherd, Little Rock, AR, USA
Mr. Granada Nicaragua, Edegem 2650, Belgium, Europe
Mr. Thomas Nasca, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Mr. Ian Clarke, Kent BR7 5JN, Uk, Europe
Mr. Kevin York, Avon BA1 2RW, UK, Europe
Mr. Emilio Romero, San Antonio, TX, USA
Mr. Francis Kuo hsin LIANG, Washington, DC, USA
Mr. Christopher Haskett, San Diego, CA. USA
Ms. Kemea Thompson, Eastham, MA, USA
Mr. Galina Armad, Vancouver, WA, USA
Mr. Lars Larsson, New York, NY, USA


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