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Angelo Mazzoleni was born in Florence on June 7, 1952 .. It starts soon his artistic activity, cultivated already in the youth, under the guidance of some teachers and attending courses at the Accademia Carrara Bergamo.In these years, participates in the first exhibitions painting in Lombardy and in other Italian regions. Some travel, particularly in Germany and Paris, enrich his artistic and cultural baggage and affect its first part of pittorica.Si also interested in discovering paleontology in particular some important fossils, donated to museums in Milan and Bergamo, including a erionide a generally still unknown and which was given its name in the relevant publications scientifiche.L 'interest in the mystery of the past, for history, especially early in his ancestral size, is one of the other elements that characterize the His research also in the field of painting, even before the foundation, with other artists, the group "NEW ART SINCRETICA." "The evolutionary path of the artist, now thirty years, is marked by a personal search for the origins of the world of its vital forces Which, despite the variety of themes and techniques, appears as a single inner journey through time and the realities of our present. There are three main moments of this whole path and below illustrated with video images and text works critical stretch from the general catalogue of Maestro.



Plaintiffs in the works of master, especially at the stage of historical syncretism, its "squarci" or windows overlook the mystery and on time, more often on nothing, understood as a cosmic dimension and interior, sometimes seem irreparable wounds of a destiny inscrutable , Signs of existential crisis of man but also of contemporary civilization. In other squarci ricuciti these moments, as in a suture, shall no longer attempting to explore size inside and beyond the real, but as wounds rehabilitated, the desire saving recover something that escapes us and dies, from the point of view so poetic: a sort of "return to the canvas" after the cuts of Fontana and the after-thought duchampiano and, to that effect, represent a synthesis of a large part of thought and poetic sincretico-conceptual artist. Its theme is in fact focused on exploration of outreach and dimensions of life through historic changes in an attempt to grasp the profound sense, to bring them to the reality of our present. A complex operation reworking original languages expressed by 'art in different eras and different human cultures for rapportarle to our time, trying to achieve a sincresi precisely the universal language of humanity through time and spazio.Le techniques and materials used at this stage are manifold (jute dust and sand, ropes, old wood, elements of nature as palm bark, cork residue marine eroded by time and all'acrilico addition to oil. The unifying element is that it is in any case almost always of matter that has accompanied the life of cultures present and ancient passate.Materiali therefore, able to tell a story a secret for energy intrinsic that preserve itself and that the teacher draw in his compositions and material combinations.

ABOUT U.S. "…….

Barby, Mani, and plastic toys, not only as a metaphor and bitter irony of our time.

If one looks at the works of the second period of the search for the teacher, that of "contemporary syncretism," apparently seems to enter another world compared to the first phase. In reality this is just appearance, not substance. The underlying theme of research artistic Mazzoleni is the same, changing only the materials of which the teacher uses to deepen more directly the dynamics of the dramas and contradictions of our time. Then a continuum, a completion and deepening of issues already raised in the historic phase of syncretism: "A single journey through time and history in search of more genuine sense of life and our present. If the prospects of the first survey were the windows and squarci, now your gaze moves more directly on the size of our present reunited by the technological revolution and the way globalizzazione.In sometimes ironic, sometimes provocative, in other circumstances trying summaries harmonics more 'difficult, given the material used (plastic bags of rubbish, industrial waste etc.). the teacher invites us to reflect on the tragedies and contradictions of contemporary society, in some cases, so controversial but always purposeful, a reflection note on "Where we go", without beceri moralisms but with critical eyes and disenchanted, nobilitando the same trade and transforming it artistically to express those contents and universal values that are the basis of his research sincretica. The topics covered are mainly: the war, 'Pollution, the fate of our time, globalization and of course itemi themselves related to the current system of art and culture. The master himself is aware and is more aware at this stage, with markedly more social connotations, which today 'Artist can not' afford to be passive in the face of mercificazioni and mistificazioni which often pass through our society, but must also engage culturally, socially and politically as well as artistically, to make its critical contribution to society in which he lives. Not by chance, belong to this period also several of its written polemics with personalities known of that system and reflections on a certain system of power of art and culture.

"WHERE goo..."


The phase of syncretism contemporary course prepares the ground (see demonstrating the works which address the issue of parallel dimensions), the third phase, that of Sincretismo spiritual. Crossing the past and present, the artist turns hour course to the future, the fate that awaits us: the closure is natural, unified and consequential of a cycle, which began with the first phase, the final summary of all a path that, as sharply written the journalist D. D'Ortenzio, not only represents a single journey through time and space, as already pointed out, but also the exploration of parallel 'internal themselves in search of our roots, a kind of self through various stages of consciousness. So, a further step towards a Master of more mature summary of his research neosincretica, perhaps even more original and profound because projecting beyond time and space over stessi.Cambiano consequently even if the materials used, predominantly they are shaped material and constructed by the artist, rather than, as had been in earlier stage,. Items from reality and incorporated into structures recreated by the artist. This is because the operation is undertaken, in a sense, even more arduous and complex, as is crossing the "doors" that separate us dall'universo, as travel "mazes" of the soul, and religions over the history issues that the artist shows us how central this stage. Arduo as is reach the bottom of themselves and rip from our collective unconscious, full of energy secret, symbols or Archetipi of life, as "the great Mother" (theme that the artist had already addressed in other years youth), or as the 'exploration of micro-and macrocosm of legends and Greek mythology ( "Birds of micro-and macrocosm").
Arduo as alone can be groped sincresi the final, the highest: the representation of the same language of our universe.


With this Manifesto, some artists, based on the commonality of certain elements of their background investigation poetic, have decided to give life to a project to experiment with new paths for research, through the founding of the "new art sincretica" On the basis elements that already bring us together, we intend, through the exchange of experiences, ideas, emotions and projects, create a synthesis process historical universalist leading in total freedom of everyone, to the development of a theme sincresi between past, present and the future both in the sense that diachronic synchronic understood in the sense intercultural global economy. If we share the inner journey through time and history, between the different cultures of the world, the rediscovery of our origins and roots, we want our parallel claim against dissent a certain type of system "elittario", directed by powers which, for profit, arrogano the right to govern most of the art market often degradandone value, imposing models and lines every sense unico.Rispettiamo art form but we do not like the mistificazioni, TV rubbish, cultural models designed only to arouse scandal for the success end in itself. As artists, we believe that we have to make our contribution to a difficult fight against the degradation cultural conformism and the media present in our globalised society. sincretica The art, while placing at the heart of its dynamic operational experimentation and innovation, pursues fact, without preconceived schemes, in a free and instinctive, an "total" based on the recovery of what today and 'lost, due to some degeneration brought by globalisation and a certain oligopolistic market. This' also means: a continuous comparison between contemporary and the world of our origins and the higher values expressed by history , And then the rediscovery of a new humanism against the decadence of human values and artistic products from a certain culture-capitalist technology. We propose in new ways a search inspired by the recovery of the concept of beauty and universality of the work of art transposed to the world . We are opposed to the commercialization of art and culture prevalent today and "spettacolarizzasione of the art" when it proves to be devoid of depth or content of fruit mode or mercantile interests. We propose the return, in a new way, a process But creative showing a man and his emotions at the center of-work, its deep values, bringing the art in places that compete homes, churches, old homes., so that the works accompany the time the lives of those who is living. no coincidence that we use, in addition to those traditional materials that have the characteristic of being as much as possible "natural", "old" in order to tell a story or endless stories next to us, and to that who have gone before us. We hope that our works evoke know, with the emotions, even the rediscovery of humanitas today partially lost and can bring the observer to the springs of instinctual, our history and our present. L 'Art sincretica can not be so much defined nor explained but only as seen through the continuous evolution of our works as a continuous free-creative dynamic process we stimulated and production and is therefore, only one of traces of transition group, a frame common reference in which everyone is allowed to operate freely to other horizons and new trials..
BERGAMO 3-November-2004 The founders of the group-movement "Neosincretico": Angelo Mazzoleni, Marco Ceravolo, Thomas Cocco, Carlo Oberti, Alfonso Rocchi.

Artist Exhibitions


1980 Bologna, National Art Gallery. Display Collective
1980 Bergamo, Circolo Artistico Bergamasco. Display Collective
1983 Bergamo, Capricorn Gallery. See Staff
1983 Bergamo, Ars Gallery. See Staff
1984 Bergamo, Garitta Gallery. Display Collective
1984 Lecco, Bovara Gallery. Display Collective
1985 Milan Gallery Modigliani. Display Collective
1985 Rho (MI), Circle Artistic Pomero. Display Collective
1995 Bergamo, C.L. Rosa Luxemberg. See Staff
1999 Bergamo, C. L. Rosa Luxemberg. See Staff
2000 Bergamo, Literary Cafe. See Staff
2001 Bratto (BG), Sale Espositiva Ferrari. See Staff
2002 Selvino, Galleria Aries. Display Collective
2002 Bergamo Gallery Show Promotionart Staff
2002Montecarlo Salon International Exhibition Staff
2002 Rome Gallery Horti Lamiani Show Staff
2003 Trieste-Contemporary Art Exhibition Shows Staff
2003 Rome Tartaglia Exhibition Gallery Collective
2003-Milan Exhibition Gallery Artists Collective
2003-Miami-MiamiArt Center USA Show Staff
Licoln-2003Miami U.S. Road Show Collective
2004-Torino-The Telaccia Exhibition Gallery Collective
2004 Brescia Sale of Vittoriale Show Visitor gruppoArtisrecensio
2004 Montreal (Canada) Gora Gallery Show Staff
2004 Bergamo Former Church St. Sixtus Journal shows the group-art movement New Sincretica
2005-Viterbo National Archaeological Museum Exhibition group Artisrecensio
2005-Genoa Palazzo Loggia dei Mercanti Group Show Artisrecensio
2005-Catania-Calcagno Exhibition Galleries Staff
2005-New Bergamo Artemisia Gallery Show colllettiva
2005 Bergamo-xx September Gallery Show Collective
2005 Pescara Museum V. Column See group Artisrecensio
2006 Brescia Austrian Museum Peschiera del Garda Exhibition Review Group Artisrecensio
2006 Biennial art Ankara Turkey
2007Bergamo Gallery Petit Prince Show Minipersonale
2007 Cream Museum Exhibition group Artisrecensio
2008 Taormina-Tèa Exhibition Gallery Collective
2008 Como Artco art fair grass-Con lane Time of Cremona
2008 Rieti Palace Potenziani Show Visitor group Artisrecensio-Foundation Cariri

Many of his works have been published in various national and international sites.

Criticism, reviews and publications by journalists and art critics among them: S. Di Carlo (Fed. Crit. Of Art Rome), Lazzari, A De Santis, D. Merino, L. Lorenzi, G. Baracchetti, L. Lepri (journalist-art critic-Perugia), C. Cutrufo (art historian), G. Latronico, G. Bonomo, G. Sillato (art historian). Presentation critical of the "new art movement sincretica" by Luis Montané (fed crit. Art. Spain), Daniela D'Ortenzio, Newspapers and media: L'Eco di Bergamo, Bergamo Today, Art Boè (Palermo), Il Piccolo di Trieste, The Province (Lecco), Publication of ' "Wisdom" Rome, Artecultura (Milan), Art Magazine-Mondadori-Milan, Catalogue "artistic avant-garde" CDArte-Palermo, Catalogue Art Mondatori 2005-Milan, Mondadori Electa Catalogue-Milan, Flash Art Milan… ..



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