Artist Statement -

Reflections in water surfaces,
the game of shadow and light on a wall,
veins underneath the skin,
a hidden thought almost visual in the eyes,
and colors meeting each other on paper or canvas.

I am intrigued by the game of visual transparency.

Dots and circles play their own game,
showing their process from the start,
creating new colors in between through their lack of consistence,
and thus creating a fictive three-dimensional unlimited space.

Also figures, faces, animals and symbols melt in with the vivid colors,
to play a transparent game and to tell
the tale of the never-ending creative stream of Life

Artist Exhibitions

1993 Exhibition Gallery Enschede Holland
1994 Exhibition gallery Enschede, Holland
1994 Group exhibition, ‘the maid’s case’ ,Aki Enschede, Holland
1995 Publication ‘My blue thread’ art/research project.
1996 Expo Ateliers’93,Hengelo, Holland
1996 Exhibition Gallery Gooyer fine art
1996 Represented at Holland Art Fair, Den Haag, Holland
1997, Exhibition ‘Little secrets’, Art center Hengelo, Holland
1997, In stock Art centers, for rent, Holland
1998-2000, Paintings to private collections
1998 Publication ‘book of dreams,
2000 Publication ‘Serenata de Amor’,
2004 Exhibition Ammikam
2006 Exibition Ammikam
2001-2009 Private collections

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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