Artist Statement -

My work is an attempt to understand and depict the concept or phenomenon of interest to me using the expressive properties and beauty of the line, color and geometric shape, which enable the expression of the idea at a high abstracted level.
I strive for simplicity of expression without loss of aesthetics, conciseness of compositional and technical techniques, maximum use of the possibilities of pure color and simple geometric shape. I am interested in finding my own interpretation and understanding of pure color, working simultaneously with different textures of oil and acrylic paint.
The purpose of my work is to create works that have a beneficial effect on a person, causing interest in self-knowledge and understanding of the world order.
I hope that the lack of familiar images in my work will interest the viewer and draw his attention to the meaning, not the visible, familiar side of the phenomenon or concept, as well as cause interest in the visual language of artistic creativity.

Artist Exhibitions

Exhibition Sessions of Moscow artists 2013 Gallery A3, Moscow, 2013.
International project Abstract art in modern Russia, Nagornaya gallery, Moscow, 2015.
Exhibition Russian Christmas. A French Christmas at the Library of arts Bogolyubova, Moscow, 2015.
Russian art week, design Center Artplay, Moscow, 2017.
Open all-Russian Festival of Poetry and Art Art Poetry, Moscow, Central house of artists, 2018.
International project Emancipation. Image of women, the gallery Dresden, Moscow, 2018.
International exhibition of contemporary art Modern avant-garde, Moscow house of artists, Moscow, 2018.
International project Russian art prize, design Center Artplay, Moscow, 2018
Talent of Russia, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, 2018.
Russian art week, Moscow, Exhibition complex of Moscow academic art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts, 2019
International project Emancipation. Female image, Moscow, Art Deco Museum, 2019....

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