Artist Statement -

I am interested in color as a voice. I play with the way colors interact whether side by side, in subtle layers or in the dance that travels your eyes throughout the canvas. Color creates a push and pull as well as a sensuality and an emotionality. I am also involved in creating texture and textural planes through the use of textiles and threads. Sometimes the fabrics are completely covered with paint leaving only their underlying texture and other times pieces of their essence poke through the layers to create surprise. My canvases employ a great degree of under painting and layering to achieve a depth and richness. The viewer can find the strokes and colors of each layer as they build to a unified whole. I prefer the freedom of working with abstract imagery so that color, texture, tension and interplay are appreciated in their purity.

My paper work often involves graphic marks that appear as numbers or letter and are not meant to convey a literal meaning, but rather to be enjoyed for their pure graphic beauty. I am interested in breaking out of the picture plane and incorporating many elements of mixed media to create a feeling of spontaneity and playfulness.

B.A. Fine Arts: University of Detroit/Marygrove College 1970, Magna Cum Laude: Post Degree Fine Arts: Center for Creative Studies, Wayne State University 1978-1982

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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Harman-Becker Corporation, BNP Media, Cottage Hospital,
St. John’s Hospital, I.N.A. Corporation, Modern Engineering, Grant Thornton, Airfoil Public Relations, Telcom, Birmingham Country Club, Parks Title Company, Channel Vantage Corporation, Ramco Corporation, Pulte Homes, Ross Controls

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