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Artist Exhibitions

International Exhibitions

“Arts of Kazakhstan”, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1998.
Personal exhibition with the staff of “DI” Magazine, Moscow, Russia, 1990.
“Kazakhstan Avant-garde”, Yalta, Ukraine, 1991.
Personal exhibition with “Stars of Ballet” Theater in Manchester, Liverpool, 1991.
Personal exhibition with the ballet performance of Nadiya Pavlova, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1992.
Biennale “Asia-Art”, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1993.
“Artists of Karaganda”, Radom, Poland, 1993.
Biennale “Asia-Art”, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1995.
“Art Manage”, Moscow, Russia, 1996.
“Art Manage”, Moscow, Russia, 1997.
“Sitka Invitational”, Forestry center, Portland, OR, USA, 1998.
Personal exhibition, “Atwood Premier Art” Gallery in Portland, OR, USA 1998.
Group exhibition, “Freed-gallery”, Lincoln City, OR, USA, 1998.
Personal exhibition, “Sitka-center for Art”, Otis, OR, USA, 1996.
Group exhibition, “Downey-gallery”, Santa Fe, NM, USA, 1999.
Personal exhibition, “Sous-Terre” Gallery, Lithoyen, Netherlands, 2000.
Personal exhibition, “R-Gallery”, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 2000.
“ART FAIR AUTOTRON”, (AFA), Rosemalen, Netherlands, 2001.
“Sitka Invitational”, Forestry center, Portland, OR, USA, 2002.
Group exhibition, “Eurasia” Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2004.
Personal exhibition “Andrei Noda”, “Eurasia” Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2004.
“Contemporary art of Kazakhstan”, group exhibition in London, Great Britain, 2004.
Group exhibition of Artists of Kazakhstan, Luxemburg, 2005.
Group exhibition of Artists of Kazakhstan, “Deutsche Bank”, DGE, Cologne, Germany, 2005.
“Contemporary art of Kazakhstan”, “Eurasia” Gallery, European commission building, Brussels, Belgium, 2005.
“Arts of Kazakhstan”, Manage, Moscow, Russia, 2006.
Personal exhibition “Recent paintings”, Eurasia Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2006.
“Fine Artists from Kazakhstan”, Museum of Arts of the East, Moscow, Russia, 2006.
Joint exhibition with French artist K. Jackal, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE, 2006.
“Fine Arts of Kazakhstan”, Krakow, Poznan 2007.
Personal exhibition “Modern Paintings”, World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE, 2007.
“ART Nomad”, Christie’s auction house, London, Great Britain, 2008.
“Artists of Kazakhstan”, Stuttgart, Hannover, Germany, 2008.
Personal exhibition with “DI” Magazine, Moscow, Russia, 2008.
“Fine Arts of Kazakhstan”, “Ernst & Young” Company, Hague, Netherlands, 2009.
Biennale “Asia-Art”, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2009
“Art Kazakhstan”, Sotheby’s auction house, London, Great Britain, 2009.


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