Artist Statement -

„I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had
no words for.”
Georgia O'Keeffe

It was always difficult for me to write about art. I found usual questions truly challenging. Why art? they ask. Well, it was always inside of me, pulsing and just waiting to emerge, gain a physical form. When it finally does, it is flowing freely and spontaneously, like an unstoppable brisk stream.

To be honest, talking about my main medium- clay, makes me the most comfortable. It is profoundly close to me. Thanks to its softness, when i hold it in my hands i interact with it and it interacts with me, it can be subdued to my vision. I see subtle feminine nature in it and at the same time it is rigid and raw. I can never fully tame her, because after shaping it, fire takes control over her. The results are always unpredictable.

Clay also gives me the freedom to express myself deeper, because I can merge sculpture with painting and drawing. Working with colors, shapes and patterns keeps me interested all the time. However, there are some limitations, which I find challenging and fascinating. When I plunge into the process of creation I must remember about technical qualities of clay, which change formation steps.

As for my inspirations, one of the most influential is transformation of the clay. In this process all elements are involved. The element of earth in the form of clay itself, connecting with water while shaping. Then the element of air penetrating it with a drying touch and passing the final act to fire.

Most of my inspirations are taken from the nature. I am absolutely captivated by organicity of nature and softness of lines observed in the physique of animals and plants. I would like to share my insights about their different auras and to show their inward significance, other than focusing on outward appearance only.

On the other hand, great masters of art, like Antoni Gaudi, gave me lots of courage in my work. They taught me not to be afraid of bold projects and helped me move far beyond the boundaries of my imagination. Also, art nouveau and art deco have a great impact on me. Mainly its undulating lines and floral motifs.

One of my biggest dreams as an artist, is to know my medium through and through and to master all the possible techniques. I hope that my adventure with art will flourish to the end, because:

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”
-Émile Zola

Artist Exhibitions

2004-Gold Medal of Lubdom in category- art of interior in Lublin, Poland
Main exhibitions:
1995-'Provocations V'- Jewellery show in Academic Culture Center (UMCS Lublin, Poland)
1997-Fashion and jewellery show- Galerry 22- owned by artist (Kazimierz Dolny, Poland)
1997-jewellery exhibition in Galerry 20 (Lublin, Poland)
1998-'Provocations IX'- jewellery show in Academic Culture Center (UMCS Lublin, Poland)
2001-jewellery exhibition in SwissPol Gallery (Will, Switzerland)
2003- ceramic exhibition in SwissPol Gallery (Will, Switzerland)
2008-ceramic exhibition 'Ceramic woman' in Academic Culture Center (UMCS Lublin, Poland)
2008-ceramic exhibition in Philharmonic Hall under the name of H. Wieniawski (Lublin, Poland)
2008-ceramic exhibition- Ambassador of Lublin region, IX edition (Lublin, Poland)
2012-ceramic exhibition during the inauguration of the academic year in Academic Culture Center (UMCS Lublin, Poland)
2012-fashion show during Artistic Skills Workshops in Academic Culture Center (UMCS Lublin, Poland)
2013-exhibition in Bellas Lipkas Gallery in Hotel Go&<322;&<281;biewski (Miko&<322;ajki, Poland) ...

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