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In landscapes for me the main thing is to convey not only the state of nature, but my state of mind, while admiring nature. Looking at my full-scale landscapes, I can clearly remember the day when I painted them, how the grass smelled and the sun shone, at what point in my hand sat a dragonfly, a lizard glided past my feet. I strive to paint landscapes so that the viewer can feel all that I experienced.
In still-life the appeal for me is the beauty of the depicted objects. So I am so happy to paint, for example, antique metal utensils and many more things that were once an integral part of everyday life, but now forgotten. I want the viewer, looking at my still-life, to feel the scent of antiques and the harmony of the quiet life of things, the beautiful creations of human hands.
Creativity for me is the main thing in life. Being an artist is not easy. In order to transfer to the viewer our feelings and experiences, we must every time give him a piece of ourselves. The artist is struggles in everyday life, because he is a man with bare nerves and acute emotional reactions.
When I paint my pictures, time stops for me - there is only the visual image, refracted through my feelings and emotions that I transfer to the canvas. It does not matter if the painting is a landscape or a still life. The artist is a sort of magician: he can stop time, at least for himself. I, for example, at the moment of creativity, am so deeply immersed in the process of creating the painting that several hours can pass as one minute. Even then, what paint to choose for a particular area of the canvas is not my decision, but that of someone inside of me, who knows exactly what to do and how. Who is driving my hand at these moments, for hours, is not entirely known to me.
I am devotee of realistic art, because it seems to me that only under its power I can most clearly and accurately convey my emotions and simultaneously help others to feel my admiration for what I experienced. Nature is unique and unrepeatable: to argue with her, trying to improve or to transform her is an occupation of the mind rather than of the heart. I try to paint with my heart ...

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