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Art can blend with the humanitarian voice to affect gentle environmental and social impact. My intention for the future is to continue to embrace this delicate balance with a positive visual language.”

Artist Exhibitions

• Gogyshi Art Project International – Hageumgag Theme Museum , South Korea –2016-2017, 2015-2016 Traveling Art Exhibition “Hope”, “Parallel Syncretism” Fukushima Exhibition, The interpretive artwork of the haiku poetry of Taro Aizo by artists from GAP (Gogyoshi Art Project), PAS (Peace & Art Society) and Artnations E.v.
• Solidarity and Hope – 2017, Belgium – “Mirroring Sweet Reflections”, 2017
• Gogyoshi Art Project Macedonia -“One In A Million”, 2016
• Gogyoshi Art Project Zeeland- Netherlands - “Cesium Rain”, 2016
• People and East International , Ahwaz Contemporary Art Museum, Iran, “Abandon Me Love Found”, 2015-2016, Exhibited with Rumi Poem (1207-1273)
• Art Miami- Art Basel – Napal Mural- Hope For Children > USA Dec 2 -6 2015 – Tata Fernandez, Paul Fisher Curator, Silvia Media Curator-“Ancient Arts , Red Sky At Night”
• Art Miami/At Basel Week – Dec. 3-6, 2015 – ArtBlend Fine Art Gallery– Spectrum. Published by ArtBlend Fine Art Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, FL –Genetic Gyre, Our Dreams Make Us Real, Softly, Softly Catch A Monkey
• Paul Fisher Art Gallery, West Palm Beach Florida- Contemporary Arts Projects USA Oct 2015 -Silvia Media Curator-“River’s End, Dare To Dream”
• Ocala Appleton Museum – Florida, USA -2015 , A Toast of The Arts Celebrating Artistic Diversity “Liquid Dreams In Flowing Sea”
• Biennial Friouato of Contemporary Arts 2015 unter the Theme Master of Contemporary Arts – Taza Morrocco , – Force of Nature- August 2015
• Rossetti Fine Arts Gallery – Summer Heat 6 Exhibition- Softly Softly Catch a Monkey, Very Very Still – July – August 2015
• National Award by Mayor of Miami – Paint Miami, USA Finalist- May 2015
• Art Miami/At Basel Week
o Art Miami/At Basel Week – Dec. 3-6, 2014 – ArtBlend Fine Art Gallery– Spectrum. Published and Exhibited by ArtBlend Fine Art Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, FL –Embracing Freedom, and Secret of Heather from the Balancing Act Series selected for exhibition.
o Art Miami/At Basel Week – Dec. 2-7, 2014 – Contemporary Art Projects USA unique juried international “Cosmic Connections” featuring the most avant garde artists of today’s art world at the Concept Fair, December 1st to 7th, 2014 during Art Basel Week. Head Curator Roberta Gonella, Curator/Juror Richard L. Tooke, Curator/Juror Silvia Mendina – “Invisible Sea” from The Timeless Transparency Series, selected for exhibition
• Participating Artist – Contemporary Art Projects USA unique juried international “Cosmic Connections” featuring the most avant garde artists of today’s art world at the Concept Fair, December 1st to 7th, 2014 during Art Basel Week. Curator Roberta Gonella
• Arrachme Art is now published for viewing by ArtBlend Fine Arts Magazine featured in sold magazine Hudson New (in airports), Barnes & Nobles, USA
• Featured in 30 locations in Manhattan, New York.
• Chapman Freeborn, a world leader in aircraft charters for notable clientele and elite venues including bands on tour, movie promos, hospitality and events, travel professionals, heads of state, government and diplomatic flights.
• July 2014, Nov 15, 2014 Exhibition – ArtBlend Fine Art Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FL
• IBAM – International Biennale Artist Miami – Juried International Exhibition, April 17 – 26, 2014. Sponsored by Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery, Miami, FL. Arrachme will be exhibiting “The Balancing Act” Collection.
• Art Monaco’14 – International Exhibition – Represented by Nina Torres Fine Art – April 24 – 27.
• Grimaldi Forum de Monaco – Fifth Anniversary – Special Edition, Art Monaco has been the fastest growing contemporary and modern art fair in the French Rivera. It hosted its first jubilee with its fifth edition April 24 – 27. Under the presence of SAR la Princesse Marie Gabrielle de Savoie , T.R.H. Prince and Princess Charles of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, Madame la Baronne Danièle Courcelle von Prohaska, Baron et Baronne renald de Meester de Betzenbroeck, Hollywood stars and other social celebrities, during these four days, Monte-Carlo will be adorned with famous and remarkable artworks. More than 70 international galleries were represented.
• 2014 Art Expo, New York City- 35th annual juried prestigious event. – Held April 4 – 6. Arrachme Art exhibited as a solo artist with of her most recent series, “Balancing Act”.
• World Tour Contemporary Exhibition of Contemporary Art – WETCA 2014. Art Monaco 14 – April 24 – 26, 2014. Including but not limited to: Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Dubai, featuring “Timeless Transparencies Collection”.
• Exhibiting Dec, Miami, FL 2014 Art Basel/Miami River Arts Convention Center
• Kimberly Conrad Gallery, Denver Colorado, 2014-2015
• Arrachme Artwork entitled “Spirit of Spring”, is the featured artwork for the 2014 Temple Beth Shalom Spring Art Auction 2014, Ocala Florida.
• New York Art Expo 2103 > pier 94- Worlds Largest expo of fine art , Manhattan,

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