Photograph of Artist MICHAEL LONFELDT
Odense, - Denmark

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Artist Statement

I am Danish artist who is interested in abstract paintings, with bold colors, strong contrasts and many different materials. In my unique works, there are countless small details that it takes a long time to make. Often I work on the motives for 2-3 months, where I have worked them over 10-15 times before the process is complete. As an artist, I can not help but see images wherever I move around. The ideas for the designs I often get on travels and tours by foot, car or bicycle. Very often it begins with that I see an interesting scenario in nature It may be an urban environment, a landscape or something else that attracts my attention. Because there are exciting lines or interesting color combinations that can be a good starting point for a great painting. Many Danish artists use notebooks to sketch their motives. I prefer to use a camera or phone to maintain the interesting moments. It is a good help if I can’t remember lines and colors later in the process. One of the most important things for me is that I constantly develop myself as an artist. Therefore I make painting exercises all the time. It improves my skills to bpaint and draw, use the colors and make the designs. And in terms of the technical ability, I practice and experiment with all kinds of different colors, tools and materials. That is also why I have huge variation in colors, images and ...