Artist Statement -

Angu Walters interest in painting started when he was a boy experimenting with ink from different pen colors, mixed and applied them on torn cardboards, which were sometimes hung on the walls of his mother’s sitting room. His mother invited Spee, a very famous artist to show him what the child was doing with the materials he could find in his milieu, thereafter the artist took him to his workshop, under his guidance so to better improve on his skills.

Since then, he has had a professional revolution with much inspiration drawn from his fine arts mentor.

Angu Walters dwells mostly on abstract and surreal paintings which focus mostly on the painful side of life like poverty and disease. He also paints music which he claims reflects the happy side of life.

His works express surrealism because he believes that his dreams are inspirational to his life and works.

He titles his favorite painting “The Happy Family” because to him, the family is the foundation on which a successful professional and matrimonial life is built.

Artist Exhibitions

Angu Walters works are exhibited in galleries world-wide and in the National Museum in Yaoundé. He has trained five fine artists whom he says are excelling in the profession. Although artist are not very appreciated in Cameroonian society. One of his dreams is to set up an art centerschool in Bamenda in support of Cameroonian painters trying to make a career out of tiger art.

Exhibitions of works by Angu Walters
Spee Art Gallery – Permanent Exhibition – Bamenda
Bamenda International Trade Fair
Afro Week Festival
Mankon Museum
Ayaba Hotel
Alliance Franco Cameroon
Congress hHll
SIT-School for International training – Nschang
Phaco club – Douala
The Last Picture Show III
The Last Picture Show IV
Concour d’Arts Plastiques Musee’ National – Yaounde – Swiss Embassy
Golf Club
Technology Day
Dordrecht, Holland
Paris, France

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