Photograph of Artist BOSTONARTS GALLERY
Boston, Massachusetts - United States

Original Artworks (4)

Bostonarts Gallery; Just Rabbit Talk, 2003, Original Sculpture Other, 3 x 7 inches. Artwork description: 241 The following photos show some of Christel Hartz' s figures, taken out of the series
Bostonarts Gallery
Original Other Sculpture, 2003
3 x 7 inches (7.6 x 17.8 cm)
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Bostonarts Gallery; Edgar Allen Poe, 2003, Original Fiber, 11 x 13 inches. Artwork description: 241 Leita is at it again with famous artists, authors and intelligentsia and this time it is the Raven man himself: Edgar Allen Poe that may share your bed!If you know anyone who is into detective stories and psychological thrillers, then this is the man. . er. . I ...
Bostonarts Gallery
Original Fiber, 2003
11 x 13 inches (27.9 x 33.0 cm)
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Bostonarts Gallery; Babe, 2003, Original Jewelry,   inches. Artwork description: 241 Jodi Creager: all work is hand painted, hand tooled so that each is unique.  All paper is traditional and original Japanese hand tinted Washi paper. . beads are either stone, glass or wood.  Designs are all original. ...
Bostonarts Gallery
Original Jewelry, 2003
inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
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Bostonarts Gallery; Dialogue On The Nile, 1993, Original Sculpture Mixed, 12 x  inches. Artwork description: 241 Beautiful ladies face to face on a stone base that revolves. ARTIST: Josef Bonfil...
Bostonarts Gallery
Original Mixed Media Sculpture, 1993
12 x inches (30.5 x 0.0 cm)
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Artist Statement

The only gallery dedicated to the promotion of the newest art genre: Contemporary Artist Dolls, one-of-a-kind and very limited edition mixed media figurative sculptures, also known as: dressed sculptures, characters, fantasy and historical figures. Most gallery works are created by graphic artists, illustrators, sculptors, theatrical designers, painters and artists from varied art disciplines. You will find decorative and collectible works as well as museum quality.


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