Artist Statement -

Interwoven into art is the vision,
the perspective that created the art itself.

My art is About the Soul

The soul has always fascinated me. I initially went to college 33 years ago to study Psychology, which translated literally means- “the study of the soul”. I noticed that this was not addressed in Modern Psychology. My quest to understand began, and continues today.
Each piece describes an aspect of the journey of the soul within the worldly experience. My findings are based upon my own life experiences, from questions that I have had, and a need to understand how to first, heal myself from past trauma. What got my attention and directed it to the soul was my own traumatic experiences that occurred when I was a teenager that unveiled several past life death moment remembrances.
My art is geared to visually stimulate the viewer to question what they believe, and what they think about the soul. Is the soul real- is the first question many ponder. I remember asking myself this same thing many years ago.
I was only able to answer this question through my own personal experience unique to my life that the soul inside of each one of our human bodies is indeed real.
Through my art, I strive to illumine reflections of my own soul in process.
I often discover what is within, after the art I create, is manifest.
The technique of fusing Crayola Crayon onto ceramic tile is my own. I strive to move my conscious mind out of trying to do any particular pattern, shape, or design. I have found that this enables my unconscious aspects of self, of soul to imprint images that I only become consciously aware of after the image is complete.
My works bridge worlds of spirit previously accessible to me solely through closed eyes.
Look deeply into my art,
What do you see

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

Artist Publications

Guadalupe Regional Medical Center

June 28, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter of recommendation is written on behalf of Robert Mayhall, local artist. As the person who helps coordinate the long standing, rotating art wall at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, I was fortunate to be connected to Mr. Mayhall as a prospective artist for our exhibit.

His art has now been hanging in our public display wall for the last three months, during which time it has received broad attention and praise. In fact, the director of our Hospice services asked that his art be purchased and placed on permanent display in the front lobby of the East Campus Center, where patients and families seeking Hospice services frequent.

During my time working with Mr. Mayhall on this exhibit, I found that he is clearly invested and passionate about his work and how it resonates with people on an emotional and spiritual level. Indeed his art was very well received by our staff and visitors.


Michelle Rumbaut
Project Administrator

1215 E, COURT
830 379-24ll

FAX: 830 372-l582

Artist Collections

Artist Robert W. Mayhall has Eight pieces from the collection purchased by the Guadalupe Regional Medical Center GRMC, Seguin, Texas, 78155, Reflections of the Soul Within hanging in the foyer of the Hospice wing at the GRMC. These eight Abstract Original Works of Art are now a permanent part of the living history of the hospital, and the city of Seguin.

Art has been shown to be of therapeutic use in hospital settings, taking the sterility out of clinical settings, by adding a sense of beauty and comfort. Guadalupe Regional Medical CenterGRMC in Seguin, Texas has been adding art to their hallways and walls for several years now.

The GRMC hosts local artists work in a display case located in the main lobby hallway. Every three months a local artist is featured. Past displays have featured many photographer’s works. Other parts of this hospital have sculpture and art from many artists within its’ hallways.

The current artist on display until the end of June is me, Robert W. Mayhall. I started my stint on display with a Collection of 12 Original Abstract Pieces, entitled “Reflections of the Soul Within”, in combination with prints of some of my other works.

The GRMC has bought 10 of the Original Abstract pieces of the “Reflections of the Soul Within” Collection. The GRMC hung eight of these.
The GRMC has allowed me to place another Collection, “Agape” in the Display case, as the 10 they bought go through whatever process needed to hang on the Hospice wing walls. “Agape” is a collection of 12 pieces that are available for sale now.
People who are in hospitals are there because of need. These patients’ physical needs are apparent. Their psychological and spiritual needs are also equally if not more important, and sometimes, not so obvious. Art offers inspiration, beauty, and most importantly in a hospital setting, hope to all that are exposed to these works.
My work centers around the soul. I am finding that this topic offers Hope to those who are dying, and also Hope for the families that have loved ones who are dying. Hope that their loved ones will still exist after their physical death. At the very least, Hope that there is more than meets this physical life.

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