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Sandrine Alias Sanya Colson; Duo De Tournesol, 2004, Original Painting Acrylic, 33 x 23 inches. Artwork description: 241  Sun and warm colors through the beauty of flowers ...
Sandrine Alias Sanya Colson
Original Acrylic Painting, 2004
33 x 23 inches (83.8 x 58.4 cm)
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Artist Statement


"What is Art? Art is the expression of one’s inner self, the way an artist reveals its most intimate and secret feelings and thoughts to the outside world. Sometimes the artist makes a statement and tries to express society through its own biased vision. Sometimes the artist is just looking for means of expressing nature’s beauty and hidden secrets. Sometimes the artist is taking a glimpse of someone’s intimacy or representing the inner feeling of another being at a specific spatial point in time. Sometimes the artist conceptualizes feelings and expressions of living or nature through abstract. Sometimes the artist presents the world with a snap-shot of what it is to be seen that our eyes can’t see without the materialization of the artist's innovation and creativity. 'The art piece', as derived from his/her own emotions, life experiences, subjectiveness, is the artist's attempt to express or show the world his/her view of what should be, has been, will be, is worth arguing or representing, this, through imagination, feelings, and intellectual stimulation of one’s mind."


"Painting is my main mean of expression. My inspiration comes in different ways. I paint landscapes that I have visited or would like to visit. I usually work from photographic images as it allows the light of the scene to be captured and saved in a stationary way. I love colors and I like to give more a feeling of what is there rather than reproducing all details, inspired by the impressionist masters. My contemporary pieces reflect what I feel rather than what I see, unveiling deeper parts of my own self, through painting abstract. In my portraits, I want to show the human story behind the image, representing the mystery of being a woman, as well as their inner emotions through different life stages."


"I express the inner part of myself while sculpting. Sculpting with clay is for me like a burning desire of concretizing the image of my deepest thoughts, mainly throughout the mood of a moment, expressing my emotions through shaping nude figures. It is the visual materialization of an intense feeling to create. "


"My own expression of art is still evolving mainly taking form through specific emotions or life experiences. I am researching the means to express the essence of a feeling, a moment, a sentiment, a thought, a statement, a place, a person. With images, color, light, shapes, abstraction, faces and figures, investigating various media, and the perpetual constant learning of the technical know-how, this is my roadmap to grow upon as an artist and individual. My art is the expression of my own free spirit and the mean to describe my freedom for thinking and imagining, something that is truly mine, and that cannot be taken away from me as it is a part of my own heart and self. In the turbulence of life: unfairness and love, friendship and jealousy, obligations and duty, freedom and creativity, sadness and joy, despair and hope, art is what makes me who I am and allows me to express to whoever can look through the cloudy glass of the mirror of my thoughts and inner feelings who I can be or what I am representing for others. This is the beginning of my artistic journey to identify 'my' true artistic representation of our world."

"When I look around me and see more than people, the world, beauty, colors, light and emotions, then, I know it is time to express what I see and feel through art." Sanya...

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