Artist Statement -

Palle Adamos Finn Jensen is a danish artist.

Photography is a very important for him as he seeing through a quality prism called the objectives.

Palle Adamos Finn also make digital art for amusement.

Palle Adamos Finn is a danish artist creating abstract expressionistic and coloristic paintings.

Poems about freedom and love.

Paintings of nude woman as the female body is the most perfect figure in the world.

Paintings showing the fight against absurdity.

Express the conflict between order and wild chaos. The inner conflict between Dionysos and Apollon.

Paintings of fantasy butterflies.

Zen and christianity are his spiritual inspiration. And Jesus is his master.

His goal is to praise life through his art.

Palle Adamos Finn Jensen has painted since 1979.
Educated as an artist in the nineties.

Worked as a teacher in math and physichs from 1979 to 1985.

Now in 2014 he is designing a new website. The address is still

Artist Exhibitions

1988 Cytogenetisk Laboratorium Århus
1990 Kunstnernes Hus, Århus
1994 Århus Tekniske Skole
1996 Den Gule Café Ingerslev Torv, Århus
1998 Gellerup Kirke ved Århus
1998 - 99 Institutionen Kærsholm, Hørning ved Århus
1999 Institutionen Provstebakken, Århus
1999 Projektcenter Øst, Risskov ved Århus
1999 Galeri Gallo, Århus
2000 Møllevang Kirken, Århus
2000 Tranbjerg Kirke ved Århus
2000 Café Vestergade, Århus
2001 - 2002 Brugerkioskens Café, Århus

2001 Amnesty Internationals Kunstudstilling 18. juni 2001
2001 - 2003 Amtsskolen, Nørre Allé, Århus
2003 Galleri Gallo, Århus
2003 marziaArt Hamburg
2003 Møllevang Kirke Århus
2005 Gern Culture and Sport centre
2008 - 2009 Skaade Lokalcenter Aarhus...

Artist Publications

About Rainbowdans:
from hegele/Lauren

I like the style, that kinda child imaginative painting but ofcourse very difficult for an adult to mimic, so weldone, good choice of happy colours

I am an artist from India.
I liked your abstract paintings. Absolutely breathtaking, powerful, expressive, and magical use of colors.


Artist Collections

The County School in Aarhus Denmark
The art museeum on Psychiatric Hospital Aarhus Denmark...

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